August 31, 2006

The 5 Ring Circus - or - How to Sell Out for $55 Mill

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to one of the biggest larks in Canada! You've read about it on blogs, alt news and msm! The one, the only, non-bearded B.C. Premier of the Gordon Campbell Show gave way to his hard stance on the Softwood Lumber Deal!

In steps the Flattest Man in the World, Steve Harper with $55 million to the Olympic Games!!!


Ringling have announced The Olympic Summer Games go back to Athens and STAY there, and the Winter Games will move and STAY PUT in Chamonix. Due to the increase in bribery, scams, broken people everywhere who suffer while their countries stage the event, all participating nations will now contribute to the building and upgrading of permanment facilities.

Gordo, why just $55 mill? If I were a sleezy scumbag like you I would have gone for a lot more. Geeze!

The big question is, when did the MsM forget how to count? This obvious coincidence doesn't seem to merit any questions, despite the real threat of the US housing market taking a spill and therefore, thanks to Harpor's bad deal, will result in some harsh tariffs kicking in. Campbell, as proven thru fast ferries, bc Rail and Kemano, has never seen heard an offer he wouldn't take. Harpor, meanwhile, continues on his Faustian trail for a majority mandate. The give-aways have begun...
ROFLMAO - I concur with Bill, The poster is perfect bring in the clowns after they've done supping at the trough.
bill, glad ya got a chuckle. there's a name i havne't heard in you became his pipe must be another story. 'coincidence', interesting way to phrase it :) love the 'faustian trail' too. yup, looks like the easter egg humt won't be a difficult one when parliament starts up.

timethief......shoots, i forgot the clowns!!!! hmm, maybe next poster!
Scott, did you say campbell or camel. I see an elephant. Camels and elephants stay together and play together and exchange gifts.

This elephant in Ottawa is too expensive to maintain in every way. Zookeepers (voters) need new animals in the zoo to make it little more fun so that circus goes on with limited collateral damage by the residents of the zoo.
Sorry, spelling mistake. I meant Scout and not Scott. Was thinking of another blog.
anon, good morning!!! ya i kinda figured that's what happened...unless you meant i was dr. evil's son, scott . hmm, i kinda like that idea.
Hahahaha! Still laughing! Great poster! Campbell gives truth to the old adage that everyone has a price, just depends on how much. So that's how Harpie will get his mandate: he will buy it, with the taxpayers' money... Now I'm really sick about paying fed taxes!

Sheesh! What a sick bunch of f****s.
Sorry, there's something wrong with my blogger sign-in again, so if you click on my name as above, it takes you to an empty site, and not my verben-19. Don't know why it's doing it, and I just noticed.

I'll have to re-apply again! Jeez...
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