August 29, 2006

Gordscilla, Queen of the Desert

Imagine! Putting retired Brigadier General and Minister of Defence, Gordon O'Connor in ordinary cotton/poly camoflauge for his trip to visit troops in Afghanistan!!!!!

NO NO NO!!! Gordy wants to entertain the troops a la Priscilla. Steve-Joe gave the suggestion, Gordscilla went as bananas as Carman Miranda's headress, but then they outfitted him in baggy desert camo! No wonder he looked so sour coming off the plane....'ask nothing, tell nothing' has gone too far and Canaduh's military has no sense of fashion whatsoever! This is a disgrace and will keep the Harper Cabinet out of the 'Best Fashion Awards' for certain.

Faux pas after faux pas. If we're going to fight we may as well do it in chic.

Willing to make few suggestion to enhance minister's image:


or this

third one is a charm

ok Queen
Well, Gee whiz. I saw Gordon on the news last night and he at least appears intelligent and knowledgeable. We know he knows how to follow orders too! Like 'Say NOTHING about ANYTHING to the media...They are the REAL enemy: signed Der Furher, Steve!'

Now, as to dress. He could have taken along several copies of 'To Wong Fu: Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar'! Wesley Snipes looked like an Andre's After Dinner Mint in the green nightie! LOL!
anon, i definetly go for the queen. yup. hands down. no doubt.

bill, i wonder if harpo has hissy fits to cabinet behind those closed doors? 'wong fu' dvd's would have been a nice touch, but it might have taken away from gordscilla's performance. if our army were weaponless dragsters we might stand a better chance of being a peace keeping nation again. as for your snipe at snipe, bill, how catty of you :)

as for your snipe at snipe, bill, how catty of you

I think, and recall reading, Wesley Snipes LOVED the role, had a total blast making the movie, as did Patrick Swazey!

They were all HILARIOUS!

I meant it as a compliment!

I bet Steve would not allow such a movie to be watched!
Where do people get good stylish "camo" clothing? For some reason, I just can't ever find it. It's almost like it's hiding...
Why Ron,

Where else?

Just make sure you are asking for the right 'camo' and beware of camosil!

Then again, you may end up in Italy!

'Camo is a town and commune in the province of Cuneo (Piedmont, northern Italy!'
Maybe I'm just camo-blind...
bill, i'm sure stevo would have the likes of such movies banned. my snipe at you sniping was in jest, hence the :) after.....does this make us snipers???

ron, yes, camo needs style. with the recruitment going strong and the u.s. army's new 'pixels for youth appeal' uni, perhaps condi will have prada make a more taylored style, you know, keep us older farts happy. until then the baggy 'homey' look has more youth appeal and i've noticed youngsters in the states wearing the pixel image as fashion. kinda get that video-game, computer with giant speakers feel going.

next they'll be giving ipods away with signing up or something of that ilk.
Bill: But if the camo's any good, how will I see it?

does this make us snipers???

Only if you can kill with one shot! Arggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh...Got me! Flops over! LOL


Bill: But if the camo's any good, how will I see it?

You won't! Now, if you were to use IR scanning equipment the camo means zippo! Next question? LOL

Remember though Green is for jungle; Tan/grey is for desert! Black is for night! Oh, and don't forget your Camo face paint! No smiling BTW...that really blows the effectivenes out the window, or the back of your head if there is a sniper around!

BTW, paintballs really make it stand out! SPLAT!
Now we know why Gordy was told it is verbotten to speak with the press!

Imagine if this threat of economic sanctions got out????


This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned Canada that if their military action against his Taliban brothers in Afganistan continues, Taliban authorities will cut off Canada’s supply of convenience store managers.

And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Bell customer service reps.

It’s getting ugly out there…..
Bill-Muskoka, do not forget poppy products. If it is cut-off, imagine how disastrous that will be.

the world is in for it now.
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