August 30, 2006

Famous Stupid People # 5, continued


Bazz of Oi ! Thump !
guessed 'hollywood actress declares herself a right wing bigot':
Jane Russell. i'm baffled, i'm puzzled, i'm shocked, i was prepared for this to go on for a while (hmm, bazz, did you sneak in and read my bookmarks, or did you hit a celebrity web site....aha, maybe a google thing!!!!).

I'll take a wild swing at it here; is it Jane Russell?
Another wild guess. Is it Madonna who recently suggested that it would be possible to decontaminate radioactive waste through prayer?
i popped the comment section open and went 'FUCK'!!!!!!

BAZZ GUESSED RIGHT, JANE RUSSELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, i thought this one would take forever! i don't believe it. i don't believe it!!!!!!

"hollywood actress declares herself a right wing bigot':

bazz, email me with your address and i'll send your prize!!!

austin, i've got yours in an envelope and addressed, now to get it in the mailbox!!!!!!! don't worry, madonna will decontaminate it for you :)
Woo-Hoo! I actually found exactly the same article you mention above. I'll send you my address right away!
Jane Russell? Oy vay! These neocons are everywhere.
Congratulations to the winner.I for one would have never got the right answer.I could even hardly pronounce that name.Let me her now.
q, yup, best keep a close watch on the rear view mirror of that new car...never know who's behind ya :)

jeff.....lucky you put the' dot com' after dogpile, because when i first read it i thought 'oh oh' :)
I was absolutely stumped by that one.
Then again who knew that walking bra was still alive?
I wonder what the Botox monkeys quoted in the article think of Nicole Kidman’s political newspaper ads?

You do read some weird websites lady.
Can't wait for the next contest!
ha, i forgot all about the walking bra!!!!! don't know anything about nicole kidman's ads, spill the beans!

i can't remember how i came across that website....i think it was fluke while trying to find a nice stupid famous woman.

next contest coming up soon, thanks youngfox, you're last couple of posts were good, the brain one was fun.
Howard Hughes must have injected her with the swine flu via that aero-dynamic pillow holder he invented, or thru the kleenex boxes he made her wear during their romps in the money pile.
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