August 30, 2006

Hosers, Eh?

Steve and his Con-Air Team prep to douse the heat the 40th Parliament session will bring this Fall. Armed with their little hoses, we can expect the Cons to wet their Stanfields as the majority opposition throw plenty of softwood logs on the fire. I'm sure their 'Real Women Squeezes' will be on hand with coffee, snacks, and HERo sandwiches.

"..we can expect the Cons to wet their Stanfields.."

That is the best that crowd can do. Expect no more. Is this a good ad for Stanfields or sales or going to drop - pun unintentional?
anon, no no no, we don't want their stanfields to see a neo-con 'mooning' might be too traumatic for too many!!!
hi Scout, hey is Boreen a Real Women member? My other half thought he read it somewhere.
"snacks, and HERo sandwiches."
And some beer.
That would seem proper...
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