September 16, 2006

Caption This...

Peter and Condi...or is that Petunia and Conrad? Excuse me while I gender bend the two high school team captains, but with their 'barf, gag, wretch' ,innuendo this week churning stomaches the world over (a good cleanse now and then is necessary but this was unwarranted purge) were having a tough time digesting the tabloid propoganda. Did David Frum write their script???

I leave it to you to caption this pic.

MEANTIME THE 2010 OLYMPICS IS WAAAAAY OVER BUDGET.....GEE, SURPRISE!!! Guess Gordo didn't hold out for enough for the Harper $55 mill 'softwood silence money' . So guess what's going to get the big cuts, you guessed it, HEALTHCARE! Geeze they've got lousey timing. Woulda thought they could have held off at least a week to cover their blunders with cuts.

"And blogs have been saying for months that he's taken with Ms. Rice." This was in Globe and Mail story. I hope I am not the one who also started these rumours. I posted such stuff on other blogs for fun and here it is making international news.

Come to think of it Peter does look smitten by Condi. There may be something there. She could have met him in Ottawa but to go to his hometown and hold hands and then walk to get a coffee, sounds like a date to me.

Scout, liked your picture very much. I have heard gender-bender but gender-reversal, good one.
Rice is looking a little MJ in that suit. And why does the media think Peter is good looking? I think he looks like a boxer who's taken too many punches to the face.
Glad you survived the dentist.
"..he looks like a boxer who's taken too many punches to the face."
Come on q, those punches were just from Belinda. That is not so bad.
You are such a sick individual, I love you for that, I get a smile every time I come to this site.
anon, ah ha! i knew it was you who rumour mongered your way to the top :) glad you like the pic, i'm not happy with condi's face being a bit blurry but what the hell. and yes, those punches may well be from belinda, but i think condi did this 'set up' to help restore whiner mackay's esteem.

q, ya i was thinking of that too, maybe rice will be up on childhood abuse charges. i don't know what the hell is with the media. calling him canada's sexiest mp, a hunk, blah blah blah. i mean, ew! guess the nose is from rugby, what did one media report say, “the build of someone who spends his time on the rugby field.”

bruce, ah yes, i am a bit sick aren't i? it's my pain to give you pleasure :)
With those eyes so close together, he looks like something out of his own potato patch.
cheez, perhaps he's the con version of the cabbage patch kid. somehow they look a bit better gender reversed. he kinda reminds me of andrea martin
as edith prickley, and as q points out, condi looks like michael jackson.
Hahaha! You are all so funny! Great pics, Scout! You are a true genious! :)

I say those two deserve each other.
annamarie, ew, could you imagine if hte rumours were true? don't know, somehow the thought of those two bumping uglies is prety gruesome.
pass the gravol
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