September 09, 2006

Ever Notice...

Here's Steve and Gordo after the $55 million 'Softwood lumber shutup Olympic deal'. Ever notice Steve's morphing?

Yes, he will have a lot to chop on after the deal.
I was going to comment on North America being run by a Bush and the Beaver but this is a family site, so I won't.
anon, he's just gnawing away at the country.

q, i'm glad you recognize this is a focus on family approved site. geeze, i keep forgetting to put up their logo and link :)
Scout, I want my Focus on the Family certification too. I could be their detroying marriage, or destruction of civilization site. They really are nice people underneath all of that phoniness, lying, racism, bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, hatred and hyprocrisy. They really are you know.
I don't think the majority of British Columbians are aware that Campbell is really not a liberal but a right wing, hack with crony friends all over big business and law enforcement, and of course, he and Harper are good buds.
Looking at the top picture there, I see that I was right in my suspicions: Harper is, actually, manufactured from plastic!
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