September 15, 2006

Of Vampires and 'The System'

The Dawson College shootings, MacKay and Condi allude to an affair...which is more insane? The oft quoted, 'Insanity is a sane reaction to an insane world' has taken on new meaning in this day and age. MacKay, trying to prove the Harper government isn't racist by hinting to an affair with a brown-skinned person? Condi, selling yourself out again both as an Afro-American and woman?

Kimveer Gill, the man charged with the Dawson murder and violence, to date, has not been referred to as a Canadian-born, brown-skinned person. MSM only makes reference that he is of East Indian heritage. ONLY?

Six Nation Clan Mother Kahentinetha Horn wrote Sept. 8th "One Dead Indian" in reference to CBC airing this show about Ipperwash and other Native related killlings. The film is not from native perspective and as Ms. Horn points out, 'Like the vampires, once they start drinking blood, they can only stay alive by drinking more blood. These corporate and government vampires are trying to suck the blood out of the people who are preaching peace to the world."

Video games, t.v., movies, government, THE WESTERN WORLD AT LARGE. Symptons of the sick system manifest in so many horrific ways. Child abuse, domestic violence, mass murder, racism, war. Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the shooting "cowardly" and a "senseless act of violence". Oh really Steve, and what about Caledonia, Ipperwash, Oka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel???

Like Ecole Polytechnique, society at large will not remember the names of the dead but the name of the murderer. If you want to exonerate bullying, videogames, the media, the government, the system and point the finger at Gill's parents, fine, but I'll say it again, 'Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the shooting "cowardly" and a "senseless act of violence.'. It all contributes, doesn't it, and if a mind is sick to begin with, 'the feed' manifests itself into the herds of believers of the system and faux democracy in different forms. Mr. and Ms. Average Canadian just don't get it. The difference is that it happened in our backyard. The difference is the average Canadian does not give credence to the continued horrors of the genocide of native people, the poor, the disenfranchised, the troubled minds. The focus is on removing programs that help to concentrate on corporate power and the war machine. Harper et al you are hereby pronounce you 'guilty' for banishing programs that help to shift the funds to YOUR Olympics, YOUR corporations, YOUR war, YOUR system.

Count Dracula lives on. Is the 'Vampire Blog' that Gill commented on frequently the real source of blood sucking, or the viewers lapping up the media coverage of just about anything, as Ms. Horn points out?


"Oh really Steve, and what about Caledonia, Ipperwash, Oka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel???" That is called state run terrorism.
Both Bush and Harper are the cowards who hide behind large security and then order this mass murder.

Genocide is being carried out in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel did the same in Lebanon and Gaza. Of course Israel is furnished with deadly weapons by U.S. Harper is their new friend.

Genocide of Natives has been carried out for generations now. Not only killing people but also killing the culture. Both Canada and U.S have black eye for that.

Actions of the deranged man in Montreal are horrible but he is the product of a sick society. And the society is getting sicker under Bush and Harper.

Mackay is just a side show. He is jilted lover looking for someone famous as Belinda is no more available.
I could not agree with you more.Very touchy true.

Well, the time may be coming when the western world, inept as they have allowed themselves to become, will welcome a friendly meal from those who still have retained basic survival skills. They called it Thanksgiving as I recall!
opps, make that scout! LOL
anon, society's gotten so sick we'll all have to be carrying around barf bags soon. ah heck, just aim for the sidewalk.

jeff, thanks. kahentinetha's articles are awesome.

bill, oh yum, a new kind of turkey!!! that's ok, you can call me socut :)
Thanks Scout, that photo is a keeper!

I'd just add that I suspect the reason for not expanding on the Dawson Murderer's 'brown-ness' is that his name suggests he's of Punjabi origin therefore likely Sikh, therefore doesn't easily fit just right into one of the appointed current category of cultures to be feared; after all they've got that Air Canada thing wrapped up nice and tight, right?
(oops...the picture I said was a keeper is the next post...McCondi)

Yes, there are all kinds of turkeys! Perhaps the non-talented will, again, be a'mazed' at what they find? LMAO!
Scout, you wrote a compelling, well said post. It is a sick society we live in... Yep, soon we'll have to carry along barf bags, and gas masks for the pollution.

Kahentinetha was right on in her piece that you mentioned.
amelopsis, ya , the media seems to have tamed their 'brown skinned' bit...wonder if the crtc got after them or if there were too many complaints all around (even some conservatives have their limits). ha, i kinda figured you were referring to 'mcCondi', good name, conjures images of golden arches over the hotel bed.

bill, oh blessed are the turkeys for they are meek.

annamaire, gee thanks. and i think i'll start carrying my barf bag with me, better then just hurling on the sidewalk.
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