September 10, 2006

Showing Their True Colours (or lack of tolerance for others)

With my new Focus on Family Certification (seal of approval logo to be posted soon), I thought it would be fun to visit the good folks over at Caledonia Wake Up Call. They're a fine bunch of upstanding citizens who've taken upon themselves to group and lobby government to defeat those, those, terrorist redskin mohawks.

These screenshots will save you the trouble of giving them more hit counts, afterall, we don't want all their good ideas going to their heads. But what a great site! Cartoons and even a link to photos of Harper and MacKay!!! I mean, why NOT vote Conservative when guys like Steve and Pete have so much to offer the supporters of Wake Up???

OH! I wish we could move there and get in their club. They probably have roasts of the kingpins, fund raisers where you get to hob nob with Caledonia big wigs, and no doubt there's door prizes from the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce. Instead I'm stuck on an island off the west coast of B.C. and we only have a small clack of racists who don't have a club. Darn. And First Nations issues go so well in B.C., like, check out Somena Media's Bittersweet Victory.

911=shitty. 90% of natives being wiped out by colonization and the genocide continues=shittier.

This is not to dis stories about 911. In fact The Gazateer points to an incredible piece written by L-Girl

You know when you look at something really quick and you misread it?

Well, in that last picture, the sign first looked to me like it said

Blow Job.

haha, great one aunty!
Maybe I am a subconscious right winger given my ability to see a blow job where it has no situational relevance.

perhaps....or just a good old plain pervert :)
Busted :P

heh heh heh
Wow, Scout, that piece by L-Girl is intensely moving. I guess I think of my Sept 10 as the period when I was happily married with two little kids and it was the four of us against the world. Before the paradgim shift; before we knew it could all just go away. The innocent, maybe naive, kind of happy that can only come with not knowing.

On the other side now, what L-Girl says about new-found appreciation being borne of tragedy also rings true. Did we appreciate before just what we had? I sure do now. So these Sept 11-like events in all of our lives give us a depth of understanding that we perhaps were incapable of during the before periods. Given time, there are gifts to be found in so many places :)

Thanks for that link - through Gazeteer.
cheez.....considering north america was only attacked by the people who settled it against natives, we've never had the experience of what so many other countries and indigenous people experieince. it was a huge wake-up and interesting how so many new yorkers and friends an dfamily of 911 victims don't buy into the bush theory nor the bush plan of 'rule by fear'.

a whole new understanding has come out of this, you're right.

speaking of new paradigm shift, you can order a free booklet online
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