September 07, 2006

Video Kids at War

Raised on Gameboy, X-Box and the countless video games offered at arcade shops, airports, and on the computer, today's soldier has twitching thumbs ready to grab the joystick and push the button that annihaltes the enemy. Add a strong dose of fear, drugs and steroids and it's no wonder numbed-out kids are pushing the buttons at anything they see. Put them in a jet high above the reality of human contact and trigger happy takes on a whole new dimension.

It doesn't matter what you're seeing on your screen, hit the button 'cause life only means you and not the images down below. How many kids picked off 'just anything' on their game boxes in a second of boredom before 'the bad guy' reappeared? Now these same kids are given uniforms, taught the technology of war and put into 'the real thing'. With names like 'Tides of War', 'Invisible War', 'Prisoner of War' and 'Wings of War' dominating the X-Box mind, brainwashing's taken on a whole new dimension since yesteryear's t.v. shows like Hogan's Heroes and the countless black and white World War Two documentaries I was forced to watch as a kid so my dad was satisfied we would work towards something like that never happening again.

Somehow that transpired into Clockwork Agent-Orange.

Afghanistan and Iraq are non-conscription. The average North American troop still joins as a means out of poverty. But recruiters hit high schools and colleges now as they want a more 'educated soldier' capable of operating and maintaining the computerized gear. In WW2 recruiters were more apt to hit the pool halls and bars before the draft came into effect.

The troops and their families who were stationed at radioactive sites after experiments with glowing bombs came into being are all but dead and it's not a pretty way of going. I know, I worked on a couple who, after Korea, were stationed at one. I thought they were in their 80's and dementia had set in. WRONG! They were in their 60's and feeling the final affects of their long agony. Now we have kids not only exposed on a daily basis to radiation but the chemicals and germs of 'Bosnia'.

In my travels through the States over the last few years I've had the opportunity to talk with youth dressed in their fatigues, ready to leave for their first tour of duty. Not one wasn't scared. I've talked with some who had been over and never wanted to go back but were tied into doing so. Meantime I was camped out on the beautiful shores of the Big Island of Hawaii, sharing the grounds with Vietnam Vets. These men still carried the effects of war...paranoia, night terrors, the shakes. They all packed guns. Too many times I had to break up fights, fearful that someone would reach for their magnum.

So what's it going to be now? Almost every kid in my day played 'army', be it with sticks, acorns, pots and pans for helmuts before Gameboy and Paintball. At least Paintball gives a stinging dose of reality, and those acorns hurt if winged really hard. Sitting in front of a monitor with only the chance of 'loosing' the game is not exactly feeling pain. I've had my hand at playing these games to see what they're like....exciting, incredible visuals and sound effects. And you bet I'd get trigger happy.

Now the X-Box men sitting in the White House and Parliament dream up new games to sell to the kids. Glory, glory, glory, bloody gory glory. 'Iraq, a chance to save your country and put your joysticks to the test'. 'Afghanistan; outsmart the Taliban with you at the controls!'. It seems The Hawk's idea of destiny has been packaged under new graphics and cellophane. And to think the world was once aghast because 'The Terrorists' were ordering Gameboys by the thousands to use the computer chips in missiles. All the while we should have been recalling the bloody things for the propoganda chips they were placing in children's minds.

No wonder the level of 'friendly fire' is what it is. After all, it's only a game, right?


That was PERFECTLY expressed. I can add nothing but my praise!
Violence throughout our culture, not just games; low IQ need a job recruits; lies and distortions deliberately uncorrected to the public and troops, and finally religious hatred and intolerance. It's depressing that we don't improve or even avoid the failures of the past.
bill, thank you.

q, i was thinking of inventing a suppository for our leaders made of prozak and hot chili peppers...waddya think?

Good idea, but let's really do the job and switch to Habanero peppers, seeing as how they like playing with fire. LTAO (Lighting Their Ass Off) LOL
bill, peppers ordered....the blue flame ready to light.
Great post, Scout, and indeed perfectly expressed! The new generations are anasthesized from the realities of war thanks to these dumbing-down video games which are great propaganda for hawkish administrations.

I like the hot pepper suppository idea. The hotter the better. Let these arm-chair hawks feel the fire! They are so far removed from reality, and none of their family/relatives are serving in any of the wars. Sure, send other peoples' kids, but not your own. Jerks!

'the blue flame ready to light.'

With Habanero peppers it will be spontaneous Me! LMAO!

Just hand them the music to 'Here We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder, before insertion! (USAF Theme)

Here is a comparison. A Jalapeno is 300 on the Hot Scale. A Habanero is 300,000 on the same scale! They have been known to literally cause respiratory arrest!

Melinda's XXX Hot Sauce, as an example, is so potent that one level teaspoon will seawson 2 gallons of chili . It is just right, a little fire, but a marvelous flavour.

Watch out for Hungarian Wax Peppers as well. They are very HOT!
annamarie, if you can get the habareonos, bill and i will cut you in on the deal.

bill, remind me never to buy any of that stuff!!!! whoa!!!

Do NOT buy any Habaneros! There, my duty is done! LMAO! Oh, and when handling peppers do not rub your eyes!
I've eaten jalapenos, habaneros, and the Hungarian hot wax ones, and yes, man oh man they are hot!! A few times I've made the mistake of touching my eyes after chopping the stuff and talk about ouch and temporary blindness!!

Scout, take Bill's advice and do NOT buy habaneros or Hungarian hot wax peppers. The hottest for you would be jalapenos, but be careful even with those. They pack a kick! And thoroughly wash your hands after chopping them.

As for the suppositories for our leaders, only the hottest will do! But do NOT handle them without gloves. Maybe I'll chop/mash them up for you, and send them for the suppositories. I'll get them, no probs, and sure, you guys can cut me in on the deal. Maybe then I'll have the money to come and visit you. LOL :)
ok, i'm all set....i will not buy the peppers!!!! hell no i won't buy jalepenos! geeze, reminds me of the first time i ever made chili and bought the actuall dried peppers. how was i to know.....i just added a bunch in. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

right, we'll need glycerine to make the suppositories, rubber gloves to work with the peppers (no no no, not for insertion, we'll have volunteers for that!).

next will come the profits and leer jet.
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