September 14, 2006

Marathon Scout - Eeze eet Rrright?

Marathon Man was a movie starring Dustin Hoffman as a university student and marathon runner who ends up being chased down by a rendition of the infamous Nazi Dr. Joseph Megele (Sir Laurence Olivier). Mengele was noted for his torture of jews through medicine and dentistry.

I go to the dentist tomorrow for a tooth extraction. My regular dentist won't do them and I don't blame her. Ya got to wonder about people in this profession, I mean, seriously. They have one of the highest rates of suicide of any profession. They look into people's yucky mouths all day, inflict pain, STILL deal with mercury (mad as a hatter comes from the old days when hat makers used mercury to make felts, mercury poisoning can cause all sorts of neurological damage...get those mercury amalgam fillings yanked out!!).

And the specialists have to be really strange. Yanking teeth, doing root canals...I mean, i guess we have to have these people but sometimes I wonder if taking a few shots of whiskey and having someone put their foot on your chin and pull with pliers might serve us just as well.

I like my dentist. I even like the guy who's going to pull my tooth. But why oh why would people choose this as a profession??? And I'm still really pissed off at the guy who yanked one of my teeth a few years ago. I asked that he save it for me so I could take it home and bury it. He said of course, but chucked it out into the big bin with a zillion teeth in it. This new guy better give it to me!

Will be on T-3's for a few days, looking forward to making whacked out comments :)

I'll be thinking aboutchya, SCout. Yikes.
Good luck scout. I've had wisdom teeth out, really wasn't that bad. But I've found over the years with dentists that they collectively suck for a sense of humour.
Invite your dentist to your blog...hey wait a minute...this guy wasn't involved in any island scandals?
cheez, can make a donation to the nazi dentists of canada at

q,thanks. gee i must have a sensitive mouth because even a root canal will keep me in pain for at least a week. my dentist actually has good humour but you never know if they get into the nitrous oxide. i'll have to check at the building center for the latest gossip on's kinda one of the last 'old bowen haunts' where the stories still get told and you run into the old timers (well, the pharmacy's a good place for that). maybe i should see if i can make off with a canister of laughing gas...mind you it did NOTHING for me while in labour. ya, really funny, i'm giving birth to an 8.14 lb baby and they think some laughing gas is going to help....get real!!!
What's the difference between a dentist and a sadist? ----> Newer magazines. (Seinfeld)

Sorry Scout! I can totally relate, I've had my share of dental distress. I will send you good, medicating vibes.;)
jj....yup, seinfeld had it right!!!! will be receptive to the vibes, can ya send some 'calm, steady hand vibes' to the dentist???

geeze, this elliciting sympathy stuff is pretty good....maybe next post i'll say i'm having my limbs removed (preventative mediciine)
Nah, no need to go that far!
Have you got a good bottle of Irish malt whiskey on hand for the next week?
Not door slamming with string is a good start for any respectable dentist.
Good luck!
They're a weird mob, dentists. Mine talks a lot and it is very frustrating as I can not add anything decent to the conversation, even "Shut up!" is impossible sometimes.
My dentist is GREAT - he's from the United ARab Emirates and still has a bit of an accent - he sings constantly with the radio, so it helps lift the mood to hear him singing "I want to make looovve to you, babeeee" etc. Gets all the words wrong, etc. Very funny man. I wish I could e-mail him to you :)
Where I come from(you should know by now) dentists are the poorest people. I know,I know that is completely the opposite from here.Damn,they are rich over here.

The reason for their empty pockets is simple.People do not go to the dentists as often as they do here.There are tons of reasons why but mostly is because there is no reasons..not real.Natural herbals,stronger teeth,what we eat..etc etc. Have I ever seen a dentist in my life?Well.....

Scout,all the best.I wish you quick recovery after that.I wish I could get you unripe coconut water to sooth you.Do you need my prayers?
Scout may your trip to the dentist be short, and may your t3's last longer than your pain.

Jeff, I had no idea unripe coconut water was good for pain?! Any particular reason for it?
hmm, a second look has me noticing the similarities between your virtual dentist and dick cheney.
I hope the similarities end there!
No scientific reasons that I know of..just faith.
austin, i'll be too zonked on some kind of 'keep 'em awake but zoned' drug. dang, wish i could handle booze :) ha, i remember the old string and doorknob trick as a kid!

cheez, well at least i'll be too out of it to notice any yacking.

jeff, thanks, i have coconut juice but not the water from the jelly ones (oh so good and oh so healthy!!!). i'll drink the regular, organic coconut milk though and hope it helps!! yes, i'll need your prayers (on many things), thanks!!!! if only dentists were up on things like diet as prevention ...i do use alternative toothpastes and myrh but could ALWAYS brush up on diet. i did grow an african plant at one time that was specifically for teeth, can't remember the name and it didn't survive the winter.

amelopsis.....oh no, if my specialist morphs into cheney i'm doomed!!!! thanks for hte good wished.

righ then, gotta walk to the road, hitchike to the cove, get on the ferry , ask around for a ride to a mall where my daugher will pick me up. geeze i get stressed by stupid little things like a tooth extraction!!!!!!!
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