September 11, 2006

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave. and Front St. - 25 years after 911


I'm sure it's in their dreams. At least Bush isn't cheap, he spent a little more on a Hallmark card.
I already told you. Harper was born in a test tube aboard an alien spaceship. Now, we can clearly see they are into cloning!

They will still not have found Usama Bin Laden either! LOL
So Harper is Bush's clone. He does everything Bush does even addressing the nation on 9/11. It looks Whitehouse staff did not have much time for Harper as they wrote a very short speech for him, thank God.
q, i see your 'dreams' and raise you one 'wet dreams'. as for the card, well, harper's a scottish name , aye laddy?

bill, i get this feeling harper IS a test tube. if he's a clone of bush, should we call him 'molly harper'? as for osama, only scout is capable of pinpointing the third stooge.....photographing him on stairs with his laptop (a few posts down), was trick stuff.

anon, i think whitehouse speech staff had to scramble to write harper's speech....they actually FORGOT until steve phoned up crying.
Hard to think of Am-bush and Juice-Harp as 'elders'; kind of a bastardization of the very term. Even more disturbing to think they might have any kind of forum in 25 years!
Honestly Scout, just the idea that you can imagine them in office for the next 25 years...

cheez and bruce, that's why it was a NIGHTMARE!!!!
am i awake yet?
Scout, that was funny, Whitehouse staff FORGOT.

What will we do without Bush/Harper as they do provide comical relief but then there will always be someone else taking their place. We rather have Clintonites having fun with Monica rather than Bush/Harper bent on killing people.
25 years??!!?

[projectile vomit hits screen]
Yay, it worked! It worked! I posted a comment and it took!!

Sorry about that, scout. It's just the first time I've been able to post a comment anywhere in ages. I'm joyous.

Now back to regularly scheduled snark.
The new 'closeness' of Condoliar Rice and Steve raises important questions! Is Condi cheating on Dubya? Has Bush lost his roots?

Will Steven try to make Condi the next GG? Naw! Tha seems pretty safe as it's a fixed term. What if Condi applies for refugee status?

Now, what about Peter (I'm lonely, so lonely since Belinda dumped me for a life) MacKay? Did Peter get Condi more than a Timmy's?

Enquiring minds want, no NEED to know. So where is our illustrious PPG these days?

So many little caring! Where's the humanity?
(I'm lonely, so lonely since Belinda dumped me for a life) You got it and he got Condi. Love at first sight. Did you see beaming Condi standing next to Peter? It is a love affair but we the public will get screwed and rest of the world may get screwed. Some romance, eh!

Love is not only blind it can be very hazardous.
anon, we're just going to have to put up with bush until some cigar loving democrat comes along. i suggest they elect a lesbian , that'll really throw the repulbicans for a loop. 'love is not only blind it can be very hazardous'. ya, especially if the rose coloured glasses are actually military issue infrared.

jj, what did you clean the screen with? and ya, commenting's been a pain lately!!!!

bill, i think i'll have to have a chat with scout's editor about doing a gossip column. we need to know these things!!!!!
Well, that scared whatever was left of the bejeebus out of me...

Bogeymen, ghosts, psycopathic killers, you name it. They all pale in comparison to the likes of those two.

I may never sleep again, perchance to dream...


'i suggest they elect a lesbian'

TADA! That would be...'Envelope please!'....Yes, we have a winner...Thunder Thighs Hillary!

First of all! Your comments are too good to be pick a handle of your prederence! LOL

Secondly: 'It is a love affair but we the public will get screwed and rest of the world may get screwed.'

Probably, but not Peter!

First of all! Your comments are too good to be pick a handle of your prederence! LOL

Secondly: 'It is a love affair but we the public will get screwed and rest of the world may get screwed.'

Probably, but not Peter!
anon, just wait for nightmare on pennsylvania avenue part two.

bill, i dunno, i kinda thought maybe cheney's daughter would go democrat and run for prez. hillary has thunder thighs? oh well, doesn't clinton have a big butt?
Thing is, these two buffoons will be spouting the same stuff they do now: fight the terrorists, spreading freedom and democracy, you''re either with us or you're with the terrorists...blah,blah,blah, seriously, both will be shameful tarnishes on the history of both countries.
Aaarrrrggggghhhhhh! 7:45 PM:

Is a new anonymous folks. I have competition, Scout.

Bill, thank you. I have been told that before. There is some fun in being anonymous, some mystery to it.
anon, i kinda figured it wasn't you just by the writing style. so anon, please don't post an anon because anon is upset. i'm sure that made good sense.

Anon, you could always post under 'other' at 'the artist formerly known as anon'. or #1 anon. something like that.

Waterboy, they're trying to earn more then one sentence in the history and text books....only don't realize it will be a negative rap. in 25 years: 'President G.W. Bush, two terms. Led U.S.A. into an illegal war. Breeched United Nation's Security Council a gazillion times. Responsible for collapse of North American Economy'.

Prime Minister Stephan Harper: See 'President G.W. Bush.
Scout, thanks but I am not upset. I just meant to call the other anonymous "Aaarrrrggggghhhhhh! 7:45 PM:" but it came out that I am upset now that I read it again. It should not matter as far as I am concerned. I actually liked the comments "Aaarrrrggggghhhhhh! 7:45 PM:" made.
anon, take two comments and call me in the morning :)
Scout, your 'nightmare' is hilarious! And the comments are all exceptional, and both anon's are good.

Don't know if this will post, as I've been having probs posting too. That's why you haven't heard from me here.

btw, when you hear from Q, please give him my congrats on his winning two contests in a row. Wow! Way to go! I was stumped.

Cheers and g'night all! Thanks for the laughs, I needed them. :)
Scout et al, Bloggers and other anonymous commenters:
Here I am, still up at the witching hour. Can't sleep for some reason...
Have been under heavy fire re: my poor old computer. Sometimes I beak off. Yeah, it happens. Then I get major hacking attempts and some of them land.
So, then it's time to bring in some heavy artillary and oh boy can that mess up a computer.
I'll confess. Aaarrgghhh was none other than Locusta emersonia, but really I'm duct taping my system together. Guess I hit a few nerves. :)
Grant me one thousand pardons please.
Do you know that Creekside has(d) a great post and a verra weird poster on her site, talking about Condi, and Canada's role? Yep. At the end, Creekside called for a taxi.
Anywhoooo, reading you all is very entertaining, often enlightening, and always real.
Sorry about my fraidy-cat ways, but I only own one computer and I kinda need it.
Then again, ahhh damn the torpedoes!
I'll sell my baby makers on EBay to get a new computer O.O ;)
anon formerly known as probs, anon is as anon does and ya, big time computer hijinx go on. what's the bid at on your baby makers so far?
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