September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter and Crocodile Tears

Today's news: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dies from a stingray attack........More Canadian troops in Afghanistan die, Jack Layton calls again for withdrawl, Stephen Harper says he is deeply saddened by the deaths.

Steve! Those are crocodile tears you're shedding from that onion in your hand...nice touch. If you really cared you'd take Layton's advise. Crikey!

We wish that he suffered stingray barb. If that happens then may be lives of some soldiers can be saved by bringing back our soldiers.

Layton gave a good advice but Harpie only listens to Bush, another crocodile-tear type.
Harper The Hopeless! That is what I see him as.

History will not bother with him!

P.S. scout: Fret not, when you can reply do so.

We are going through grandson withdrawal this afternoon. No questions, peace, quiet, and my wife is sound alseep on the couch! LOL
anon, seems we have a gator pit going on.

bill, he'll get his one sentence in the history books while people like trudeau will maintain their paragraphs. know what you mean about the grandson in a sense....the landlord and their kids just left and i'm WIPED after rehearsing a play we wrote together, getting the costumes together blah blah blah.

You know you are getting old when you acquiesce to the grandson's definition of time as 'sleeps' LOL

Hey, works for me! LOL
The four soldiers, plus another 'friendly-fire' incident... US killed one Canadian soldier and wounded 30 others, 6 seriously. I have a very hard time understanding the so-called 'friendly fire'. With all the high-tech equipment the US has nowadays, ('smart' bombs, cell phones, radios, etc.) how can these incidents occur? Can someone please explain this to me?? If we get this from our 'friends' then what can we expect from enemies???

I liked the Crocodile Hunter and frequently watched his programs. Sorry to see him leave this life.

As for Harper and his croc tears, well, what else can be expected from a Bush wannabe?

I was somewhat heartened to hear Jack Layton speak out about our ill-fated Afghan mission, but I still can't forgive him for helping deliver us into Harper's hands. He went way too hard in his repeated attacks on Martin while much too easy on Harper during all the debates and pre-election comments. What could he have been thinking? Certainly not the misguided notion that it would be easier to work with Harper's neoCons??? If he did, that was a gross miscalculation which is costing our country dearly. And by the looks of things, the Libs may wind up with Iggy, who is merely Harper-lite. So we're in for some turbulent times, I fear.

Scout, is there room on your island for me??? Does anyone else have an island where I could just go and hide my head in the sand? The daily news is getting increasingly more depressing... :(
ha, annamarie, our island is too loaded with the wealthy now , it's hard too bury one's head. however, i did spend the last two days skinning my first deer hide and learning the process. interesting!!! next will be the tanning process (sorry if you're a vegetarian or bambi lover...not that i don't love and respect deer.

we're moving off island soon so will continue to be up on news but detached from it. another day, another story. as my aunt says, 'it's the way of human kind to screw up the world and our ancestors lived through two world wars, nothing's changed in history'. yup.

but i look forward to 2012, i'm one of those crackpots :). the turbulance on the way requires tight seat belt buckling and it's going to get worse, but then.......ahhhhh, sweetness!!!!
Send me an email about that 2012 thing, ok? I've been out of the loop. :) But my seat belt is tightly fastened.

No, you're far from being a crackpot, and no, I'm not a vegetarian. And although I'm not a hunter, it doesn't bother me if someone else is, as long as they're not those wasteful hunters who just hunt for sport and trophy and waste everything. I know that you are not like those people. You are connected to the earth and all beings upon it and have great respect for them.
Consider yourself tagged!
Mt favorite bumper sticker!

'Vegetarian: Indian Word For Lousy Hunter!'

I do not hunt because I do not need to. Were I in need I would. The 'I wanna be a man!' types make me sick!

My thoughts are, for those that need to hunt and kill something just for 'sport' or fun is 'Let's start a gun and bow season on Golfers!'

That's right. You will buy your tag, and can only bag golfers in certain attire! Now that, I call true sport. they get to choose if they are in the game as well! LMAO!

P.S. scout: Do uou have an ulu? Best tool for hide prep when skinning!
hey annamarie, will do the email thing...

rev......oh no!!!!!!!!

bill, love the bumper sticker!!! i'm surprised i never hear of golf fatalities....those little white balls could do big time head injury. i think we have to leave the golfers in plus-fours and argyle sock as off the that was a classic look.

nope, no ulu (what's an ulu!), used combo of knife, flat chisel and and cabinet sraper. have to admit i didn't kill bambi, he was a little roadkill fawn, spots and all. when i saw him i said, 'that one's for me, this is the start'. i'd like to make my way up to making a bow and arrows and hunting with it. i tried in my youth , got a gopher with a .22 and was almost sick, but i'm sure i can handle it now.

An 'ulu' is an Inuit universal knife. I learned about them and used them when I was in the arctic. Perfect for dressing out animals, cutting meat, if really sharp, shaving. LOL!

I used to have a beautiful Lemon Wood bow, and have the scar through the web of my left hand from a wooden shaft arrow that snapped...OUCH!

Still love real wood long bows over the fiberglas models.

Wish we had Caribou here. They are better than beef! Bison is okay, but too lean for best flavour IMO!

Moose...Naw! Venison, depends on what it eats as to if I like it. Grain fed is far better than wild bush feeders.

Anyway, I am buried here with r/t work so will be posting lightly the next three days!

BTW, that bumper sticker is the favorite in Yellowknife! LOL I have always wanted to have a big tour bus with that painted on the sides and drive through California...just to piss them off! LOL

Saw a pickup with PETA on the rear window. It said:


I cracked up knowing how upset some get. Like you, I love animals, but I also know they can overpopulate and then simply starve to death. Not a pleasant way to die.

Anyway, All have a great day!

Oh, one more bumper sticker:

'I Cod we trust!' very popular in the Maritimes, eh? LMAO!
That should have read:

'In Cod we trust!'
in cod we trust....yup, gooder! i love moose!!!! never had caribou. good luck with your work :)
Love those bumper stickers!! LOL
Nice photoshopping!
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