September 03, 2006

Official Congrats From Harper

29 years ago today we were a couple of kids thinking we would be together forever. Today we're still kids at heart (well I am, Mr. Scout seems to have a knack for maturity, I think he was born with a full set of teeth or something) and it still looks like we'll be together forever. I know, 29 years plus three years living together first is a long time but we like to buck trends).

We received an official note from Stephen Harper and that's the seal on it. Looks kinda , hmm, down south. The note read:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scout,
Congratulations to you and your daughter! I have placed your names on the Focus on Family registration. The Conservative Government is committed to honour Canadians like yourselves and next year we will be giving tax breaks on a sliding scale per years of non-gay marriage. This will be reflected in special cards allowing for further GST reduction. Your daughter is welcome to contribute to my campaign.
Stephen and Laureen Harper
(the note contained these historic photos of the PM and his family)

Congrats and felicitations all round. Please ignore the first family, they're stuck in a "Leave it to Beaver" episode time warp thingy.
thank you, thank you, and as usual we do nothing for our anniversary. maybe this is a clue to relationship longevity.
Happy 29th anniversary.

Yes if you make substantial contribution to Con party then you may get 1%GST break, of course retailer may add his/her own 10% profits, and some other tax breaks that he promises. Is that not nice of him? Any breaks you must return with interest in contributions to Cons.

So, Harper plans some discriminatory benefits, eh? Hello Supreme COurt of Canada!

Good thing its within walking distance from the PMO! He will be there a lot I imagine!

P.S. I finally got my major post on yesterday.
anon, ya, they're like a broken record already.

bill, i'm sure he'd love legislation like that!!! say your post last night, started to respond but it was too late, brain was in 'zzzzzzz' mode. will try later on
Congratulations Scout and Mr. Scout.

I love examples of lasting marriages.

I wish you both many, many more years of wedded bliss.

why thank you aunty bertha! i'm married to a VERY patient man :)
Congratulations, kids!
thanks aunty alison :)
Big hugs to you both!!! My folks are over 80 and have been married to each other for over 60 years--and they're still head-over-teakettle crazy about each other. I wish you the same.
Happy anniversary Mr. & Ms. Scout! 29 years, good work!
ron, 60 years, wow!!!!!! and thanks

thanks to you too j. mr. scout made a lot of 'no comments' to the landlord's children's questions tonight at dinner with them :)
Many congratulations, and a very happy anniversary to you both!
Congratulations, Scout! Wow, 29 years!

I can't even imagine that. My longest one is the present one, which is going on 10 years, but that's because we're no longer together, but still officially married. So I may wind up with 29 years too, but only officially. (You knew I was rather weird, didn't you?! :) lol

Good luck to you both for the next 29, and big hugs!! All the best!!

As for Harper, you know better than to trust that man anyway. Whatever he gives from one hand, he takes double or more with the other, unless you're rich, of course.
hey thanks bazz!!! we normally don't celebrate. the landlords had us up for supper so i brought my eclectic hat collection and made them and their kids wear them in celebration. that was about it, no presents, cards and all that hoohah.

thanks annamarie. ya, i remember you telling me about your 'official marriage' and i think you guys have something kinda cool worked out. who isn't weird??

oh come on now, harper is so trust worthy i would allow him to adopt my cat and turn her into a christian feline. of course i would charge him enough for this to make me wealthy.
ROFLMAO!! You are too much! :)
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