September 02, 2006

Snakes in the Tobacco Field

Six Nation Clan Mother Kahentinetha Horn has pegged politicians right when she compares them to snakes. In her latest article 'Economic Pythons' she reports that there have been arrests of indigenous people for carrying tobacco from one indigenous community to another (perfectly legal).

With viper orders from above it's no wonder Harper is famous for his HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSY FITS. Such a slithering lot, those neos and Ontario glibs. Let's keep things on a even scale, no sense in rattling issues.

Lets see whether this is not going to cause a "debate".Do you think Steven Harper,since coming to power,has done any good for this country?Any.
None. Yes, many young people have been killed in Afghanistan if you consider that good. Dangerous man.
I would say two things, replying to Jeff Msangi's question.

1. Getting the Arctic Sovereignty issue visible.

2. Showing Canadians that we are in imminent danger of being taken over by the same mentality that has taken the U.S...Materialistic fascism!
Yes he will protect polar bears now. The cost; $20 billion plus.
jeff, hands down on no debate that stephenharper's done no good for the country!!!!

anon, good old different perspective....soldieres kiled, gay-bashing...yup, real winner harper is. polar bears are mating with grizzlies because the climate's changed so much, and looks like we'll see zero spotted owl instead of the 17 remaning as rona ambooze won't pass law on that.

bill, i thought thte artic sovereignty thing was pretty ivisible under paul martin. agreed over materialistic faxism, such a good, kind thing. this man has compassion oozing out of his sphincter.
Materialistic fascism -- that has to do with those fashion Nazi's who criticize you for wearing poylester, right?

this man has compassion oozing out of his sphincter.

OH! I thought it was pure BS! Glad you clarified that. Wonder what his wife thinks those streaks are? Ooops, make that his launderer, she probably doesn't do streakers!
havril, i think neo-con materialistic facsim supports polyester, vinyl-sided homes in the burbs, that kind of thing. neo-con = nuveau riche. i know as a prime neo con example myself i wouldn't think of ANYTHING but factory second designer.

bill, yes, it was time to set things straight....harper has skid marks on his stanfields and a canadian born, brown skinned person does his laundry.
"arrests of indigenous people for carrying tobacco from one indigenous community to another"
This fucking glorious country was founded on tobacco!!!
Natives must retain tax free tobacco status.

"(perfectly legal)."
Fuckin' eh.
I think Canadian Natives should also be able to sell tobacco American Native style(tax-free to moonyows)...
right on knight. hey, how's the little asian napolean doing?
Scout: I like rona ambooze. She is all boozed up and has no time for anything else.
well anon, she must be on something as she can't see the forest for the cut down trees.
In answer to Jeff’s question about president steve:
I say yes – the “good thing” he has done is facilitating the awakening of the many apathetic fence sitters to the fact that deep integration and the dissolution of Canadian sovereignty in favour of The North American Nation is a very real and rapidly progressing agenda that must be destroyed.

As for this latest harassment of the Six Nations – It is obviously one of the many indirect responses to the rightful reclamation at Caledonia.
nicely said youngfox!

Yes, well said. Has anyone heard what John Manley and his elite committee has been upto lately?
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