September 05, 2006

I've been tagged now my arm hurts!!!

OH NO!!!!! i've been tagged by The Rev at The Woodshed!!!!

this means i have to list a bunch of fave books etc. i'm bipolar and symptoms have worsened with age. one of them is reading concentration. i've accepted this but it was difficult for many years as i was the type who used to have 3 or 4 books on the go at a time. it's been a decade since i haven't been able to read much. i do get embarrassed about this so when someone says, 'what have you read lately?' i just say i don't, that i only read on the internet , which is true and a blessing because it's easy to set limitations and most articles are short :)

A book that changed my life there have been many help my life evolve. nothing stands out any more then others . depends how old i was and what was going on in my life, mind etc.. 'paddle to the sea' which as a kid i just related to so much. 'a wrinkle in time' which we had to read in grade five and somehow confirmed for me that good witches and different times and realms do exist (even though it was fiction i took it as real). i thought nancy drew was a really fucked up woman but we had to read her at home.

grade 8 i discovered john wyndham and a penchant for 'social science fiction'....... my dad giving me his old jack kerouc and damon runion when i was 16 was way cool. kurt vonnegut, herman hesse, hunter s. thompson. can-lit was big, alice munro, robertson davies, margaret atwood, margaret lawrence, alice munro. books i read in woman's studies who's titles i can't remember but i'm still really fucking pissed off that i leant them out and they weren't returned!!!!!!!!

these all had impact on me. they helped altered my life at various stages. music lyrics made a larger impact on me then books.

A book I've read more then once. i honestly can't remember but i know there's been a few. robertson davie's 'the deptford trilogy', but i can't remember what it was about.

What book would you take to a desert island The Oxford Dictionary or an encyclopedia set (i'll consider that one book split into several)

A book that made me laugh 'the bandy papers' by donald jack....about a world war one flying ace who does nothing but screw up. i was howling!!!!

A book that made me cry following the rev's lead, there was a book i used to read to our little girl that had me in a sobbing mess everytime. DAMN I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME!!!!!! or even what it was about. i think the title was something like 'i'll love you until..'.

A book I wish had been written 'how to get out of tooth hell in one easy step and one easy second'. it would actually be a pamphlet.

A book I wish had never been written ' my life' by scout vagabond and 3 years straight on the new york times best seller list. too bad i forgot to give the publisher my address, i'd like the royalties and i kick myself for having written it every 1st of the month.

Books I am currently reading nothing.

Books I've been meaning to read hmm, 'red tent' and a couple of others, not many.

What turned me on to fiction dr. seuss, beatrix potter, all that early stuff. dad making up stories was the best!!!!

Final thoughts i also loved james harriet and gerald durrell. 'harriet the spy' was part of my life and i used to eat ketchup sandwiches with my little sister and we'd spy on the neighbourhood with our harriet get ups.

books are amazing and wonderful. sometimes i still grieve the loss of the ability to read them. BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: the books our daughter had to read in school were all geared to boys and she disliked reading until about 20 as a result. she's only 23 and i was so looking forward to her being turned on to cool books at school, but bowen island is in the west van school district and they are backwards and couldn't even bring themselves to give choice.... shit, i think we even had that when i was a kid!!!!!!!

The five i'll pass this poll to:
cheez at Neuronic
annamarie at Verbena-19
jeff at African Perspective
BC Waterboy at The Kalamalka Rainbow
bruce at Canuck Attitude

You read some cool stuff!

I'll be putting up my answers in a few days, ok? JJ also tagged me, so I'll have one for both of you. Need to have a bit more time so that I can remember things... Memory is not what it used to be :)
A book I've read more then once: The bible.

What book would you take to a desert island: Who Betrayed The African World by John Henry Clark

A book that made me laugh: My Life by Bill Clinton

A book that made me cry:The River Between by Ngugi wa Thiong'o

A book I wish had been written: That Africa is actually a continent with over 53 countries and not just one small country as it is reffered now.

A book I wish had never been written: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Books I am currently reading nothing: Breaking The Chains of Psychological Slavery by Dr.Naim Akbar.

Books I've been meaning to read: Freakonomics;A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D.Levitt and Stephen J.Dubner.

What turned me on: Sexuality Today by Gary F.Kelly
I'm always on the fence about these meme tag thingies.
On one hand they can be cheesy but on the other hand a device to encourage people to tell you what they are reading/have read and why is pretty cool.

I actually wrote a post about books that have meant a lot to me and books I am currently about to read but like most of everything it got hung in the thick, fruitful cobwebs of my hard drive and lost in the lamenting dirge of “no time for anything”.

Since I am a lousy “blogger”, surly crank and not all that approachable I do not believe I will get slapped with this one so I think I will take your post as an inspiration to dig out the old post and update it.
If and when I have the time of course,(so most likely never dammit!)
Did you ever quit dressing up and spying on your neighbours?
Got me, Scout. OOooops, I thought I was supposed to post on my own blog, but I see Jeff has done it here...oh well. Will have to Look up that last entry he mentioned... :)
Oh alright, I responded to your tag. It's a good thing you're cute. Well, I imagine you to be.
jeff, love the bit about africa not being one small country!!!!! ha, i'm sure more then just cheez and me perked up at the sex trends title!

youngfox, suffering from oscar the grouch syndrome? try a couple of cookies from the monster :) . be interesting if you could dig up that file!

cheez cheez cheez cheez cheez!!! glad to see you online and not putting your full time into trivial persuits like your doctorate :)

bruce, ah ya big sweety! cute....well you've got a good imagination :)
Gary F.Kelly's book is amazing,extremely researched and all that.I encourage everyone to read it not only for the sake of "be turned on" but for knowledge.Only if we could imagine the power of sexuality..gosh!
thanks for the info jeff.

sex really is an extremely powerful things, isn't it? look at the kamasutra and tantric sex. and sex itself is for pleasure but also to gain knowledge if that's what one is seeking. sacred sex is a realm unto it's own. it's all how it's directed and utilized that counts.

i'll see if the local librarian might order it in :)
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