September 05, 2006

Famous Stupid People Winner!!!!

The whistles are blowing and the sirens screaming......Q of North of Center guessed new Mexican slime, er I mean President Elect Felipe Calderon.

Please see the sidebar for a blurb on Q's site, and Q, email me with your address so I can send you a stupid prize (what size is your cat's head?).

Thanx Mrs. Scout. I have to ask my mom if I can give you my address as I'm only seven and a half. How old is that in human years? Cool deconstruction... and I thought I was just playing...
make sure to tell your mommy that scout is a harmless old lady. playing oft makes for the best outcome!!!!
Congratulations, Q, on winning! I never would have guessed.
Q, congratulations.

Does anyone know some good teacher in Geography? I thought Mexico was in South America. It happens to be only south of America. When Scout said he is not South American I excluded Mexico as possible candidate. Shoots.
I'm pissy because I said Fox and not the incoming guy.
sheena, when you said fox, i was like, 'oh, here we go, any minute now, someone's going to get it'...and now i can just see you mooning me over this.
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