September 04, 2006

Wikipedia Woes

Post your email a couple of times and you get some interesting news. Wikipedia's 'Stephen Harper' and 'Politics of Canada' pages has had someone include a humour category with this site and others added onto them. Then they were deleted, re-posted and I understand the wrangling continues. PLUS the person's account was hacked and password changed so a new account had to be created.

Reasons for deletion cite Wiki guidelines not recommending blogspots as relevant links. Comments also include that Harper Valley has no encyclopedic value and the majority of posts have nothing to do with Steve Harper. Counter arguements include political humour as historical reaction by the grassroots and Wiki guideline exceptions to external links (i think i've got this right).

Anyways, if you would like to see humour as an external link included on these Wiki pages then go to the sites, hit 'discussion' and support the idea of humour as important historical encyclopedic value that reflects grassroots opinion. You can also click on the 'edit' above external links and add humour sites (cynasism, satire etc.) dealing with Harper or Canadian politics.

Stephen Harper
Politics of Canada

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