September 05, 2006

Pesky Injuns at it Again

Clan Mother Kahentinetha Horn writes We Are Still Here, Ever Wonder Why?"

This called for an emergency meeting between Prime Minister Harper and President Bush.

Harper: Geor...I mean, Mr. President, those pesky injuns are giving me the creeps with their survival abilities
Bush: Steve, ya gotta work hard. We're working hard. Don't worry, stay in the mid-east, we'll get the drugs onto the rez as usual. Won't be long.
Harper: But...
Bush: But nothing. Get back in your Stampede outfit but make it the one from last year, this year's John Howard hat was a bit much. Stay in the saddle, Steve.
Harper: Yes sir. Should I have the OPP , the RCMP and the army who's on standby insight more provokers to stir things up and give us an excuse to go in and kill?
Bush: Now you're talking! No more of this lilly-livered Canadian attitude, o.k.?
Harper: Yes Sir! Thank you Sir! Let the Pyramid scheme rule!

That is the closest to reality what these two morons are all about. Harper's head is way up in Bush's…., you know what I mean, that he can see inside of his throat.

So, consider that they are in a 69 and that is why they speak for each other? LOL

I can tell its all a fake. Bush sounds far too literate!
Bill-Muskoka: I agree. Bush will not know the meaning of the word "stampede" even if he was caught in the middle of one. He is a total ignoramus – I bet he does not know the meaning of that word either.
hey come on guys, you're talkin' about a couple of geniuses here (if you compare them to landfill)
Yep, that dialogue could have come out of the mouths of those two, but I think that Bush would have difficulty forming a whole sentence. That is why he repeats the same s*** in all his speeches that Rove wrote down for him and had him memorize. But he still makes mistakes, and gets screwed up. Can he really be that much of a moron? Guess he never outgrew his Texas cowboy a la John Wayne aspirations. (No disrespect meant for the Duke :) "Bring 'em on!" ...

Can't stomach watching either one of those two on TV. They make me puke.
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