September 17, 2006

Letter Writing Time!!!

A Six Nations Update from Hazel Hillis urging us to write to 'the powers that be' to put an end to the violence of some Caledonians against Six Nation's members, and to uphold Canadian law and turn the Haldiman Tract over.

Batch emails and addresses can be found at letters. I know, I know, it's hard writing diplomatically to the bozos, but Hazel has included a sample letter.

oops, the sample letter was in an email and not in the article so here goes:

To: Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Jim Prentice, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and
Federal Interlocutor for Metis and Non-Status Indians

I am writing to urge you to address the threats of violence being posed by
Caledonia citizens and their supporters against the peaceful land
reclamation taken by the people of Six Nations.

In addition, I am writing to demand that the Canadian government uphold
its responsibilities and return full title of Kanonhstaton (the Douglas
Creek Estates) to the people of Six Nations.

It is more than time that land claims put forward by First Nations
communities be addressed. In order to resolve the outstanding land claims
concerning the Onkwehonweh land (Haldimand Tract), full negotiations with
the Six Nations people, on a nation to nation basis, must proceed

Hazel Hill, spokesperson for Six Nations, has stated: "We didn't create
the situation, we are only trying to rectify it, for our children and
future generations. We have taken action and have re-claimed land that is
rightfully ours. We are there in Peace, and have been since February
28th... Will Canada allow the hatred and violent displays of racisim of its
citizens to continue and possibly create another Ipperwash, or will it use
the lessons of the past to ensure that the violence stops and admit to
their citizens that it is through their own actions and abuse of assumed
power that we are in this situation today."

I strongly urge you to heed these words and take action to ensure a just
resolution to this issue in a swift and fair manner.


The bozos need to turn the land over to its rightful owners: the Six Nations members, and they must not allow any more violence to be perpetrated against them by some of Caledonia's bigoted hot-heads.

I don't know why this issue is taking so long to resolve. Do the bozos in government think that they can simply wear down the Six Nations people?? How ludicrous!

Thanks for posting your link to Hazel's sample letter. (I thought I'd posted it too, but I guess I didn't. Been having probs again with blogger not wanting to post or taking far too long, and I don't have hours to spend on my site these days.) Good thing you're staying on top of it!! I wrote my letters and suggest everyone do likewise. We must not remain silent, letting them think we've forgotten...

btw, I've taped part 1 of "Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis" for you; part 2 will be taped on Friday. then remind me to send it. You'll have to find a tv with vcr to watch it on... Some parts of it are hard to watch, all the bigotry and hatred by the QPP, etc. Made me very angry.
yup, they think they can grind them down. besides continueed genocide they want the resources from native land. sniff sniff, i smell money.

thanks for taping things....we have a tv and vcr, just no cable and the tv sets of the last however many years don't come with hookups for antennas.
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