September 25, 2006

Meet Montreal Simon

Check out Montreal Simon for some great insight, humour and bashing of the 'theocons'. Simon's latest post "Harper's Theoccons and the Doggy's Asshole" is about the sicko church the Harper's attend . Meantime The Galloping Beaver has a good one on "The Rise of the Christian Right in Harper's Canada".
Both are good articles but you may need a double lined barf bag.

RUMOUR, RUMOUR!!! Havril of 'Insert Something Clever' may be cooking up a new post! all i can say is 'yay'.

Scout, are you trying to send us away to other blogs:) Too much take from us,right :)
the anon....yes, i cant handle you guys, get out! naw, i love new sites that have something to offer and think you guys do too, so i'm happy to point the way to what hopefully contain something of value to people. hey,, when are you going to get your own site?
Hey Simon.
Anon the anonymous blogger? Paperbag over the head, wearing nothing but a red ribbon fiendishly typing todays rant?
Scout and Q thank you both. Very tempting suggestions.

I visit close to forty blogs and enjoy leaving comments. It is fun in itself. Will I start one of my own blog? I do not think so. Sorry.
Hi scout, q, anon et al

I like Montreal Simon's blog - I just recently discovered it via Canuck Attitude. His post today was excellent, and that link to that dog -- omg, I almost pissed myself laughing.
blogger wouldn't let me post a comment, though :(

BTW scout, your earth-eagle feather is on its way!:)
q, the paper bag idea would be a good avitar for anyone, kind of reminds me how my husband likes me to look while making love. 29 years, 60 with the windchill factor (sorry, old joke).

the anon, commenting it will be then! 40 blogs, wow! ok, so you're the celeb commentator in blogsville....does this mean you get a star in front of groman's theatre?

jj, hi ! great site, isn't it...glad he commentedd here so i could check it out and the post. hmm, blogger woes. great, await the arrival of the feather!
Hi scout,

Just wanted to share w\hat I posted over at Montreal Simons on the topic.

Greetings Montreal Simon,

You hit the nail on the head. I was involved with the Funnymentalist movement in the States, and spent a lot of time researching where they got it from.

Here is the story. first in the 3rd century AD the 'Literalists' rose and claimed everything was literal in the Bible. Now, remember that at that point the Roman Catholic CHurch had not quite made it to delare the Pope Infallible.

King James I 'authorized' the translation into English in 1611 and that is where the King James Authorized Version comes from.

It was not until Gutenberg made his printing press that mass printing of the Bible was done. Up until then the Bible was only possesed by the Catholic Church, hence the Latin Mass, and there was no Reform Movement until Martin Luther, a Catholic priest revolted again the Papacy's dogmas.

Today the primary supporters of the 'literalist' interpretation of the Bible, and they will almost without fail quote the KJV, as the Pentecostals, The Southern Baptists, Missionary Baptists, and some of the Ameican Baptist churches.

The Lutheran, Weslyan, Presbyterian, Methodist, and other demominations focus on ritual.

The movement began rising in the 1960's with the Peace Movement. It has grown to be predominant in the southern U.S. and especially the Bible Belt, which includes Texas.

Yes, they are extremely dangerous and do want the earth to be destroyed. They, likewise, have totally failed to grasp the teachings of Christ or God. They, like any other fanatics are totally focused on their own arses and justify their position by claiming they alone have scriptual comprehension.

They do not, and have become equivalent to the Nazis, al qaeda, and the other major extremist groups. They are extremely xenophobic, homophobic, anti-socialist, anti-humane, and hawkish. The worst want to return women to being barefoot and pregnant and subserviant to men. They love the death penalty, and as with all their positions are counter to the very teachings of true Christianity. They are no different than the very forces they are having a war on terror against.

They gained political control in the U.S. through evangelists like Falwell, Robertson, Schuyler, Roberts, Swaggert, and a plethora of lesser TV personalities.

The leaders were people like Ralph Reed. The infiltrated the Republican Party and started doing exactly what we see happening here in Canada with the CPC. A serious attempt to establish political power and a theocratic based form of government.

When I got involved decades ago I was seeking truth. I found it, but it was NOT the truth I was looking for. Yet, obviously, I was supposed to see what I saw, and believe me I found a depth of corruption and misrpresentation that Hell itself would be proud of.

I will post this as well over at scout's blog as that was the link that brought me here.
Hey Bill-Muskoka, very good write-up. I consider myself religious to the extent that people should treat each with dignity. Beyond that rituals are useless and hopeless.

Right-wing movement is a dangerous movement in U.S and now thanks to CPC and Harper spreading in Canada.

All the good people must keep up their good work and we, the real and ordinary people, shall overcome this onslaught of this evil.
The anon,

Thank you. I do not consider myself religious, but spiritual, there is a significant difference.

Relious is derived from the Latin root word 'religio' which means to bind. I consider that the anti-thesis of what all the prophets had to say. The Word of the prophets sets us free to be truly spiritual, if we are willing to hear and see.

Therefore, I am spiritually connected to my fellow mankind. Granted some do not maintain that connection long! LOL
Bill-Muskoka, Thank you, that is the word I was looking for - Spiritual.
the anon,

You are most welcome.
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