September 24, 2006

Naked Friday

Thousands gathered Friday on Parliament Hill for NAKED FRIDAY to show support for Canadian Troops. Originally billed as "Wear Red Friday", Canadians decided the symbolic wearing of red was being exploited by the CONvalescents and instead chose to wear nothing.

Said Harry Balls, "It's going to get cold soon but shrinkage isn't going to hold me back from attending future rallies". Sporting a red ribbon tattoo, Sandy Beaver said, "This is far more real. It says we don't support war, we feel for the troops in the desert". Another participant, Al Bino expressed that "...I just came to see if the PM was handing out free coffee or hot dogs".

Harper could not be seen amongst the throng and chose instead to broadcast his address through loudspeakers. Apparently he had knicked one of his moobs while attaching a false piercing.

Quite a love-in for troops.
Shoots! I find out good stuff only after it has already happened. I would have loved to attend this rally and mingle and mingle a lot. How can I get on mailing list of the organizing committee?

Cold or shrinkage would have not bothered me a bit. These days enough pills out there to take care of that:)
Read that: The anon.
Yes it is challenging in the cold. With shrinkage, yes your red ribbon could fall off.
I see many wisely stuck them on their backs or butts.
Every Friday? brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Wouldn't it be easier just to bring the troops home and send enough money instead to pay for an Afghan army?
Q, for shrinkage there are pills out there which send the blood in the right places. There may not be much blood left in the brain after taking those pills but that is the side effect. Good friend Ed, or is it E.D, provides those pills.

Seriously, I 100% agree that our troops have no business in Afghanistan and getting killed there for Bush's war.
can i look forward to seeing all of you out there? i'm sure if there were enough of us it may offend steve's neo-con sensibilities to bring the troops home and karzai will have to create his own army.

i suspect karzai is using a lot of foreign aide money for his wardrobe and probably has a fleet of exensive cars and palatial quarters.

i'll be there in my snowboots, toque, birthday suit and ribbon hanging from the icicle off my nose. (not to be mistaken for the porn site which is dot com )
Scout, there seems to be some problem with this site
I cannot open it.

Do you realize that you are unknowingly promoting a porn site by suggesting dot com. Or may be not unknowingly:)

What are you going to call the demonstration - the Naked Truth:)
oh shit, that made me laugh so hard I broke a bra strap
oh anon, brilliant....'the naked truth'.

jj, as long as you weren't wearing a mannsierre you should be o.k.
Is it time to have a little talk with our daughter Afghana? Since Harper and Bush refuse to practise withdrawl, she'll need to take responsibility for her own protection.
Or get a better boyfriend than George.
Canadian troops are great but there's only so much they can do. More money needs to be invested in projects other than bombing villages and are Afghans even together as a country on a common goal?
Where are the patriotic volunteers joining their army?
And they want us to stand naked in the cold wearing nothing but red ribbons, while they supply 92% of the world's heroin? What a world.
q, yes, it's time little afghana needs a talking to...mommy and daddy are getting tired of being her army while she does nothing to form one and just takes the aide. clever little girl, you have to admit. maybe if afghani's allowance were cut she'd think about alternatives. poppies,, like religion, are the opiate of the masses. keep the minorities and white trash drugged up and there's less opposition. we're owned by the hell's angels anyways.......even their counter surveillance budget is bigger than canada's. and harper thinks he's running the country...get real! they don't call 'organized' crime for nothing. the angels, asians, vietnamese, russian and other biggest mobs have joined to make a consortium so big i wonder who's really calling the shots on being in afghanistan? next photoshop,, harper riding a hog?

i'll stand naked anywhere if it garners exposure to may not be a pretty sight, but i'm almost old enough to qualify for raging granny status.
Quite frankly real afghana never asked for any help. Bush forced his courtship on her then his puppet, Karzai, took over the custody of afghana illegally. Now she is suffering and Canadians are suffering along with her.She is as much a victim as the rest. Give her freedom from Bush, Karzai and Harper and she may do well.

She may be a little addicted to drugs, drugs she needed because of all the stress and depression, but she will recover as she always does.
I should add that Afghana has been raped many times over the centuries. More recently by Russians (USSR) then American and British. More recently joined by NATO counteries. Unfortunately Harper has joined this atrocity and pretends that he does not know.
the anon, ya hit the nail on the head. daily therapy for afghan should start immediatley, and that's with the healers of her own region, culture and identity.
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