September 24, 2006

Love Means Never Having To Say You're a Tory

While Maher Arar is still waiting for an apology and compensation from the government, Steve and Boreen would like to make one thing perfectly clear: Love Means Never Having To Say You're a Tory.

The First Lady of Canada stresses that the Harpers are all about unconditional love. "There's no need for words from Stephie. Mr. Arar should just know in his heart we love him". Harper concurred, saying, "If Mr. Arar would pray to our God, he'd know that what happened was an accident and our God will give hiim richness in his heart".

Tory caucus all agreed and are thinking of making a movie of the Harper's beautiful thoughts. It's rumoured Celine Dion will play Boreen and Ben Mulroney is up for Steve's role along with Michael J. Fox in lifts, and William Shatner sans girdle.

Yet another former Liberal minister surfaces from the swamp of obscurity momentarily, to say, "That darn Stephen Harper, he should have been opposing us more vigorously."
I can't believe there hasn't been an investigation launched yet into why the hell the RCMP put Arar's name on a watch list in the first place.

Screw apologies, I hope Arar sues everyone in sight. Establish a legal precedent so this is won't happen again.
noe-con...i'm tired and so i'm not going to click on your link, but thanks for dropping in. i'm non-partisan so expect me to pick on ANYONE in power.

jj......let's see.....the japanese and chinese have been apologized to and compensated over internment and head tax, after HOW LONG???.....first nations have never been apologized to and never properly compensated plus land theft CONTINUES.

i hope arar sues too and it goes to trial before 2080.
Who is Harper's God?

Georg W. Bush? It is the love of "his" God that Canadians are paying very heavy price whether it is Arar or our soldiers being killed in Afghanistan.

Scout: I keep forgettn 'The Anon' part as my regular setting is "anonymous"
Harper's god is himself, power, and money! Just like Bush, and the rest of the globalistic materialists.
the anon....we're going to have to get you better trained in your new name status. boy, it's not everyone who get to be THE anon. i think steve's gawd is just what Bill Muskoka says....the almighty buck, the revered ego and ever-worshipped power.

bill, see comment to the anon. the anon, see comment to bill.
Hi Scout....neat blog....although the casting for the Harpo movie is all wrong. Far too glamorous.
I suggest that Gwen Landolt, the bitch from UNREAL Women play Boreen, and Harper be played by Chantal Hebert...
And don't forget to leave something for Myron Thompson. Perhaps he could play the Harper family's pet pig....
THat's so funny, simon, about Chantal Hebert playing Steve! We've often thought she looks like him!!! HAve you ever seen them together??????? hmmmm

and that would explain the moobs! hahahahaha
hey simon, thanks for dropping by...i'll do the same. ok, youre hired as casting director...i think this is one job where you WOULDN'T want a couch.

cheez, you secretly love moobs, don't ya?
Yuk. neocon sex. I guess foreplay for Steve would be shaking hands in bed.
I don't want to know where they go from there but they probably have too bring in a lawyer and an 2 accountants :)
ew, neocon sex! just about fell outta my chair over the handshake foreplay! i'm sure it's all very business-like and he says sorry after.
Sorry for what? Not getting a blowjob from Rona in the PMO???
It's not like the guy's Bill Clinton.
The dude actually has a wife one can stand!!!
Laureen is a sweet woman. How dare you make fun of their relationship Scout. They are a good Christain couple working to instill the values and morals so lackiing in North America. I'm glad they're following the U.S. lead in restoring civility to this continent. You should be proud of your leader, shame on you!

Knight is right. Harper and Bush for that matter are not Slcik Willy Clinon. The world will be a better place for them and their Christian values and War on Terrorism. You lefties need a good lesson from the Bible. My ten cents says Knightofgoodironman follows the path of Jesus.

Yeah! Shame on you as anonymous says 'I'm glad they're following the U.S. lead in restoring civility to this continent. You should be proud of your leader, shame on you!'

Yessir, Faithful old Dubya been porkin' Condi and all that Puritan jazz! I bet Harper is just like Amos in 'Chicago'...'I luv's ya Honey...I luv's ya!' The warmth, the sensitivity is soooooo evident in the man!
With Harper's beer belly any conjugal relations are impossible. They shake hands exchange pleasantries and then off to dream world. I guess Harpo dreams sitting in Bush's lap.
well well well, some interesting progression on this post!

yes, shame on me. i don't know what happened, a momentary lapse or something. i'm standing right now to sing 'oh canada'. i'm buying a poster of steve and putting it on the ceiling (it'll be great for insomnia). AND i'll start masturbating for jesus.
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