October 02, 2006

Baskets and Blue Cohosh - a Tribute to Warrior Women

The other day I was at a woman's on a reservation in B.C.. She was showing me her basket collection, most of which came from an elderly white woman who's grandmother had it. Before the elderly woman died she wanted to pass the baskets on to their rightful owner, the great-grandaughter of the well noted native woman who made the beautiful woven carriers.

I held them and the strength that each one exuded was enormous. The wisdom, knowledge and power in each one came from the maker's connection to nature and all it holds. Woman's wisdom...so strong because it has the ability to hold, to move and shake, to bring forth the spiritual warrior who keeps society on track. Women have womgs, the ultimate connection to Mother Earth.

Before Christianity we were all able to tap into areas of our mind that helped heal, see, hear and know. Come the Dark Ages and in Europe these people were seen as evil witches to the Crusaders. Burnt, drowned, tortured along with some men who practised what was thought as savage (without soul) activities. That same attitude carried forth with the coming of the conqueror to Turtle Island.

Native ways went underground. For Europeans too much was lost though some like the Ukrainians and Roma held to the underground too. For most groups it was the women who kept the ways. Before the Dark Ages, tribal Europe like North America was largely Mother Clan.

Mother Clan were the 'original feminists'....decreed by nature and spirit. The women held the land to make sure it was never sold and properly stewarded. The women appointed the leaders (men or women) as they raised the children and knew best who was suitable for the jobs. Leading meant listening, for the circle was consensual. Mother Clan is gender equal.

The patriarchal heirarchy of religion was well ingrained in most settler's minds. I'm sure many a woman worked towards change, but the most well noted in recent history were two movement, one being the sufferagettes who gained the vote for Canadian women in 1922. Natives were granted voting privilege in 1964. The other group was 'The Feminists' of the 60's and 70's.

I have benefitted greatly from all my ancestors, and my aunts and sisters who worked towards change. It has given me OPPORTUNITY AND CHOICE. The list is too long to even begin to make. Those two words will have to suffice.

The Dark Ages seem upon us again but there is light at the end of this long tunnel of hate. Love always rules in the end, no matter what. Be it 'bread and roses' or 'baskets and blue cohosh', I say HiHi , thank you, to the grandmothers, aunts, sisters who worked for change and the men who worked along side them. And I say the same to our daughters and sons who will continue the work until someday soon Mother Clan ways are reclaimed. It is coming soon, this change to the light. Our Six Nation's sisters bring new meaning to warrior society where taking action is the way. To date they have filed so many claims, put the process in motion in the courts of Turtle Island and are on the verge of brining us all liberation from the oppression of the oligarchy.

Mother Clan reclamation is the new 'feminsism'. We have to go back in order to proceed correctly. Female warriors live on.

When Women hold their rightful place again then so too will all people, all races, all gender, all sexual preference, all as one blood.

*Blue Cohosh is an herb traditionally used by native indians to induce abortion. It is also used to ease labour, as a contraceptive and for anxiety, and asthma. Use of this herb is not suggested unless you know someone who knows it's properties, protocal and dosage.

I'm ready for a mountain retreat, if I could get a high speed uplink.
It's pretty hard to get off the western civilization ship Titanic in the middle of the ocean but some course changes are possible.
We always blame politicians for everything but they will do whatever voters demand.
Unforunately it's easier to be lazy, uninformed and ignorant.
I've always felt like an outsider. Nice post.
Sister Scout, I send you my love and positive energy :)
q, well you do look pretty tribal to me with that kerchief on your head. ya, blame is easy, it starts with us. thank you.

cheez, my sister, receiced and back at ya :)
I knew you'd write something beautiful. That is just awesome.:)
I forgot to ask you -- do you want your post linked up on Progressive Bloggers?
jj, gorschk, thanks. progressive bloggers, sure....i'd like to have a gander at the other posts. count me in, thanks.
Wonderful post. When I think of all the times that I wished we had a society that understood the value of the Female aspect of Humanity, it actually gets a little uncomfortable because it’s not a world I’m used to and that’s a shame, because I have to remind myself that it would be a much better world.

We are so accustomed to a male dominated society we forget that the Female is the dominant aspect of everyone’s sexuality. Despite what the bible might tell you, biologically, we all start out as females and males are born from that.

I’ve seen those baskets or ones like them when I lived on the Island, aren’t they marvelous? Even when the people aren’t there, the baskets speak to you and tell you stories. The workmanship is so stunning that if it doesn’t talk to you, you’re deaf and blind.

In one of my past incarnations I did security work in Duncan (really). I had to look after the facilities the Cowichans had for storing and processing their wool. I have my Eagle pattern Cowichan sweater and the weather here is just perfect for wearing it now.
ah bruce, 'sweetheart at large'. the only time i get to REALLY experience female society is when camping on the big island of hawaii. i travel about there but there's one spot the dykes hold as womens space and it is SO wonderful to be there!!!!! totally different feel to things. i'm lucky to have earned privilege to be there.

and so right on when you say we start as females!!!!! not many realize this. society shuts out that aspect. interesting how my husband works in the construction field and to wind down and 'feel balanced' again he comes home and loves to fold laundry and cook.

wow, way too lucky to have a cowichan sweater!!!! i've had a few over the years from the thrift stores, but you could tell they weren't the real maccoy. and yes those baskets talk, sing, dance. you're lucky to have experienced that!!!!
Scout, I'm gonna link up to this post from my 5 thingies post. It deserves to be read. Hope that's cool with you.:)
The patriarchy as the forced universal leader of all modern societies is a failure on a grand scale.
I believe that the time is right for the denied sacred feminine to take its rightful place as the Clan Mothers of all humanity.
The Six Nation Clan Mothers are demonstrating this thought in action.
I believe that where the patriarchy has failed the Six Nations, the Clan Mothers will show the way for their people and offer a vivid example to ‘Euro society’ as to the efficacy of the long denied feminine approach to worldly matters.
They are really quite inspiring.
jj, no prob, thanks :)

youngfox, so inspiriing indeed....i draw so much strength from their efforts!!!! their co-opted chiefs are gonna get the boot too. of course there's too many native men afraid of them as they 'bought in'. their example is having a domino effect to other nations, hurray!!!
This inspiring post brought tears to my eyes. As the Lakota say - mitakuye oyasin (all my relations)- this is the lesson we must learn from the feminine within us all. And until we learn it the lesson will be presented over and over again to every member of the human race.
P.S. I have written some posts in in my personal blog I would like to share with you http://coyote.daria.be/archives/93 and http://coyote.daria.be/archives/51
thanks timethief. i read your links, well done :)
osium (thanks in squamish...(aho or all my relations is usually reserved for after prayer)
Scout, all I can say is 'Right On, Sister'. Corny sounding, yeah, but heartfelt.
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