April 30, 2006

Time Magazine - 3 Canadians make 100 most Influential List

#1 - Stephen Harper, for his 'pitbull' tough negotiations with the United States. #2 - Stephen Harper, for his compassion and understanding of our drug addicted youth. #3 - Stephen Harper, for his dedication to open dialoque on international issues, and his empathy and understanding of Native land claims.

A fourth was listed, but it turned out she's really from the U.S..

This Harper guy is great! Canada should make him Prime Minister!

April 28, 2006

The Ancestors...Six Nation's Awaits

As the Clan Mothers continue to pray and do cerremony, the R.C.M.P. are still housed in motels in and around Hamilton, on stand-by, and the army is on 'alert'. Best be careful, those Ancestors have a way of answering prayers of love.

The Softwood Lumber Deal

Gosh, gee we love being ripped off! Weyerhauser doesn't care if the jobs go to Canada or the U.S., they're still a yankee company who gets the dough no matter what. This horse-trading biz is pretty strange...'The Rancher' still has one over us, we still committ troops to Afghanistan so Hoss can send his kids to Iran, and , well, looks like we've given quarter horses and thoroughbreds in exchange for a few nags. Hmmmm.

April 27, 2006


April 26, 2006

No Afghanistan Media Coffin Coverage Revealed:

why ruin the surprise? Harper wanted to wait for Canada Day to unveil our new flag.
besides, why give away what the six nations protestors at caledonia already know?

April 24, 2006


She's 80, she's looking amused.

April 20, 2006

O.P.P. Saves the Day!

Yes, our Men In Black have done it! Seen here at a secret location near the Six Nation's recent uprising, officers carefully examine evidence. An eagle feather contained in a lead-glass case is put through a radiation test. It's suspected Clan Mothers were waving the feathers in all-out nuked-raptor warfare against peace officers. Next in line is a smudge bowl, thought to contain agent-red, a substance similar to sage that can make a man think in terms of the circle of life (brain washing at it's best). A constable at the far right tests a giant wad of tobacco which could hold the powerful spirit of noted medicine woman, Annie Thrax.

The O.P.P. have cuffed and ball and chained an agitator wearing fierce war-paint. His name is being withheld, but it is now confirmed that the man was waving a pussywillow at the police. This tactic has been used in the past, whereby a savage injun will cause an officer setting foot on native territorial land to trip, stumble, and fall into the stick, causing an eye to be poked and inflamed.

No wonder our terrific police are only following orders and have attacked preemptively with guns, tear-gas, and full riot gear! Let's hope that if matters continue the Canadian Navy will send a land-sub in...after all, you never know what Mother Earth could retaliate with!

Top This, Layton!

As if all that glad-handing and kissing babies wasn't enough for Harper while in Vancouver to promote the kid-payola scheme...the guy had to go and top things off by posing on a crucifix! Determined that his challenge of a non-confidence vote be held and anticipating a forced election that would see canada's moral majority be just that, The Harpseal went all out with this one.

"It was fun," said Harper, "and really, it's those creative publicity guys that came up with the idea. The maple leaf stigmata and crown was really ingenious, but I like crawling into the abs 'o steel prosthetic the best".

Now it's up to Layton. Let's see if he pulls another powerplay to gain more N.D.P. seats and leave us suffering with yet another incompetant minority government.

For more on crucifixtion: Shryberland

I'm Scared!

i'm absolutley frightened! just look at those mohawk clan mothers! why if i were the ontario provincial police, i'd be jumping them, tasering them, throwing tear gas and aiming guns at them too! no wonder the government has ordered all this...these women have been carrying out spiritual ceremonies on land that is legally theirs and they have the legal documents to prove it. how dare these first nations women claim what is theris? don't they know they were conquered? why can't they just behave like good savages and stop buring tires to protest the violence that's now being inflicted on them for occupying their own land? sheesh!

April 19, 2006

OH Canada! Who's Bluffing Whom?

oh the irony! west vancouver, canada's wealthiest municipality, has about 50 protestors set up in tents at eagle ridge bluffs. these people don't want the expansion of the sea to sky highway, the road that will take all to the whitler olympics, paving over some beloved hiking trails.

meantime, back in ontario, a media blackout continues as the six nation's clan mothers protest the illegal developement of illegally sold land, their land. helicopters are flying over, paddy wagons are cruising, jail cells and hospital wards have been cleared out in anticipation of the police setting foot on these traditional lands...once that happens, it is bound to provoke.

the west van protestors are getting headlines while enduring some discomfort in their high-end tents, using high-end camping gear, and having people run to starbucks for them. still, good on them (despite never protesting the on-going clearcut of a portion of west van known as the biristh properties). they're keeping in touch with their lawyers on their cell phones and i'm sure it will be of great interest should the gordie campbell regime decide to have anyone arrested.

stephan harper has been making a visit to vancouver while this is happening. i wonder if he's getting wind of all those emails, letters and faxes in support of the six nations protestors?

interesting that the protestors are camped out on squamish nation traditional lands.

in kinda feel sorry for the west van kid in the pic who's holding the canadian flag. i mean come on, who's really being bluffed? his/her mom and dad probably contributed to gordie's campaign. mom and dad will have some fun while protesting for the first time, learn some social activism stuff, then feel either triumphant or let down depending on the outcome. but it's all good, they're trying, and it only proves what i've been saying for a few years now, 'in the end 'they'll' be protesting 'themselves'.

but i wonder if that kid will ever know that first nations have been protesting the theft of their land for centuries, and that same nation, canada, that allows those kids to sit up there waving the flag, only perpetuates continued theft and genocide? just wondering, that's all.

time for a peanut butter sandwhich, oh ya!

April 15, 2006

Hell's Angels vs. Heaven's Devils

sickness , dis-ease, prevails in our society.

the hell's angels,, the notorious bike gang who top the list of organized crime in canada (along with the russian mafia), have a web site:
http://www.hells-angels.com. yup, they've got half the world in their pocket. while the r.c.m.p. are concentrating on organized crime as one of their 'pillars' of intent', seems canada just doesn't have the money to battle this extensive group of drug manufacturers, pushers, money launders, murderers and thieves.

there's another group in canada, let's call them 'heaven's devils'. they are a group of rising people who's rights and juristictions have been taken away , and they work to reclaim them and their land. they are known as native indians, first nations peoples, aboriginals. canada pours a lot of money into the legal system to maintain land it illegally took from these 'little devils' (look! it's a real genuine indian, complete with connection to Great Spirit). canada and the provinces spend countless amounts of cash to keep an eye out on these people's protests, and the government likes to incite and provoke, and weasel and wend it's way into saying, 'hell no, we've never done anything wrong'. gee, couldn't have anything to do with natural resources, could it?

excuse me if i have my priorities straight.

countless money and time is spent denying natives their constitutional, historical and sovereign rights. treaties and land claims are bantered over like a giant game of monopoly with the governments intent on changing rules at their whim. the six nation's clan mothers are currently protesting land illegally sold that is being illegally built on. what does the o.p.p. do? once they caught wind of the protest they cleared space in the brantford prison, cleared a whole hospital ward, and put ambulances and helicopters on standby.

what if all that time and money were spent to combat the hell's angels....or health care, or any of the myriad of problems canada has? oh dear, i'm acting sane again. forgive me, i'm just a little devil.

ya gotta watch those in power who rose to the ranks because of their own perceptions of being bullied. the 'new' conservative party has it's roots in the western provinces, who moaned and be-cried 'rape' by ottawa because the west was getting an unfair deal, especially over natural resources. oh oh, seems they're acting like israel's zionists intent on wiping out the palenstinians in a cycle that only repeats what hitler was doing to the jews to begin with. oh that crazy repetition of patterns....such dysfunction in hierarchy. manning, harper and mackay, you're trying to bully the natives, what, you think it's a pretty pattern? take some lessons in taste, PUH-lease!

and while the government concentrates on things like 'indian affairs' (maybe it would help if they had an actual affair with indians instead of george bush), arguing with each other amid their party system, engaging in power struggles with the provinces, and continuing to pour money and time into other nation's wars, the hell's angels have been given prime opportunity to take over. way to go, canada's top brass, create that opening! forgive them all, they are ill. they adhere to the sick system. it's called glue-sniffing.

seems like canada has become organized crime itself in it's continued mistreatment of native indians, they're only dividing up 'the turf' between the angels and themselves. there's not much difference between riding a 1200cc while donning leather, then riding storms and wearing a suit.

i wonder what kind of motorcylce stephan harper has? i just can't see him on a harley. my imagination goes more towards him dressed in a white 'shriner' suit on a mini-bike in the calgary stampede parade. oh i almost forgot...canada has a web site too! ah yes, computers and viruses.....i wonder how many viruses emanate from web sites? their propaganda certainly promotes dis-ease.

yup, seems like the six nation's clan mothers have something better then the two groups listed above. it's called 'organized thyme'. As well as a culinary delight, thyme fights several disease causing bacteria and viruses. It is a good digestive aid, helps menstrual cramps and is a great cold remedy. the reclamation of clan mother has been taking place world wide for several years now, one of it's forms is holistic health. mother clan is all races.

go for it, clan mothers! seems thyme is on your side!

April 14, 2006

Happy Easter from Ze Harper Family!

The scariest part is they like to breed.

OH! Those Crazy Pranksters!

Looks like the Bushy-tailed Squirrels got up to all sorts of tricks while the Harper String Quartet had it's back turned. Yup, the old 'Hit Me' taped to the back prank took on bigger form in Assganistan - what, you thought these guys were taking war seriously? No way man, "You sunk my battleship" is only one phrase heard echoing the chambers of where the war-lords meet (toy section of Wallmart is one rumour).

Harper's Bizarre

Get it now before it's banned at newstands.

April 12, 2006

Cancun Crooner

That crazy, zany PM (Prime Mordial) Stephy, was at it again in Cancun. Taking a break from his Brokeback trio, Harper entertained a throng of 2 with his stringed prowess and DULL-cet tones. "La Cucaracha" never sounded so...so....insipid.

April 11, 2006

Take it, Stephen!

Crooner and multi-insrumentalist Stephen Harper belts it out while rehearsing with Celine Dion before her next major Air Canada promotional tour. Harper will accompany Dion on the whirlwind and it's reported his take will match her million dollar fee. Harper's has requested no cameras, recording devices or Blackberries, but no one's said anything about throwing tomatoes.

NOTE: A Blackberry is a wireless, handheld device that enabled politcal staffers to stay in touch until Harper banned them from Parliament. Alison wouldn't tell me what they are so I had to Goole it. She's so cruel sometimes.

The Harp

Here he is, in full Colonizer regalia. Ya gotta love him, isn't he beautiful? I'm not sure why he chose the harp over the pipes. I guess the name Stephen Bagpipes doesn't quite cut it. I think it's great he's carrying on the Colonizer's role, joining up with The Burning Bush and Sly Foxxe. Maybe Canada could conquer Dominica? We need a Puerto Rico or something like that, you know, somewhere warm and sunny to go in the winter that we can say is "ours".

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