July 30, 2006

Harper Not Really Skipping Montreal's Outgames

While kd lang has been critisizing Harper for not attending Montreal's Outgames, Steve-Joe says it's not true. Harper and his press aides say SJH will be in attendance to appease the Bloc...he just wants to be incognito.

Wife Boreen is not happy about Steve's disguise, saying he's been wearing it around 24 Sussex, "Just a little too much. I can understand why he has to do something so horrible for the sake of the Nation, but this is not the Method School of Acting here and we're using up too much butter. No more 'Last Tango' after this and I'll never complain about missionsary position again!".

Have fun, Stevey-Joe, and remember which team you're batting for!

Check out Queerty as well as The Kalamalka Rainbow for Gay News/Opinion

This today from CBC, Gay and Lesbian Emergence: Out in Canada (I'm sure there's many innacurracies, but...).

He must have gone on diet or Boreen refused to give him any food. His belly is usually much bigger. Moreover, he must have done lot of weight lifting to develop all those muscles. Boreen might be in deep trouble. Rumours are that he was there. Lot of fellows in Montreal had eyes on him. He was the darling for all those fellows from Europe.
If Harper had the balls to show up at Outgames, I'm sure his fundie "base" would have pelted him with bibles. Don't want to piss those loving christians off do we.
anon, he's been working out for georgie-porgie. and yes, those euro-speedos fell for his baby-blues.

waterboy, he keeps his balls in his walllet. they have a sort of squished, flat look. i don't know if it's so much a matter of pissing off the fundies or pure homophobia. and gawd bless, gawd bless us all.
Up until today, there were only three countries (US, UK, Canada) supporting Israelis in killing of innocent women, children and civilians of Lebanon. After today's news of even UK backing off this apparent human tragedy and war crime, Canada is now the only country left. Yes ladies and gentleman, at this moment (July 30, 2006) we live in the only country in the whole globe that its head of state hasn't yet condemns Israel or at least asked for Israeli restrain (somthing that even Bush has done). SAD.
mio: you are absolutely right. It is incredible how insensitive Harper is. By the way if you want to see some real hatemonger visit following site. http://www.dustmybroom.com/?p=4172#comments
mio.....thanks for the update. yes well, harper bought into the whole 'protectionism' scam of the u.s. govt., which really, in effect, now makes canada a target. thanks stephen!!!!

anon....thanks for the link but nope, can't go there, just can't go there!!!!!!! it takes people with stronger stomaches than me.
That's our homeboy. Looks like he spent the afternoon with the queer eye for the straight guy guys.
hmmm, scout's comment above makes me wonder if you-know-who down south didn't make a certain new-dog-in-da-hood ;-) worry about a certain hood's own security O.O
q, note how much better he looks? kinda relaxed too, not so uptight. i think it would do him good to work with the inner queer.

anon, tony did move in to strengthen 'relations' after steve stole him away for a bit. i think steve is going to feel more secure after these games...you know, get him around and about a bit. it's tough being freshly out. it's rumoured georgie wanted him to get more experience.
butter! parkay! butter! parkay! butter! parkay!
good gawd cheez, that's taking me back in time!!!! to make matters worse, out of the blue hubby said last night, 'mrs. sarniki from sarnia ontario'.....then we were trying to remember what commerical that was from. drew blanks.
You are all too funny! And Scout is a creative genius, as always. Mio is right, and Canada should be ashamed of its unmitigated stance vis-a-vis Israel... and the sheeple shouldn't be surprised when we are all lumped with Georgies' 'merikans as the most hated people in the world. Oh yeah, the ad nauseam rhetoric will be that they "hate us for our freedoms, our democracy". (ugh, excuse me while I go and upchuck... brb)
That's better! :)

Harpie looks much better in your picture than he ever did or will in real life.
annamarie, glad you're making use of those air canada barf bags!!! you know what, he looks about 300% better!!! maybe i should email this to boreen, but she obviously likes the suit and helmut hair better.
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