July 31, 2006

Hey kids, real genuine poll !!!

It had to be done...I just had to steal K-Dough's sidebar poll and make my own, considering CTV and the Glob's poll show Harper ain't gettin' the support he thinks on the Mid-East. Usually CTV Polls are impossible to answer as they give you two options, which don't fit into my mindset at least.

So here it is....you have ten options:

Should Canada Be Neutral in the Mideast?
No. Harper's a fucking genius
No, let Israel bomb everything, I have shares in weapons companies
Ya, right on, neutral fer sure, I'm an apathetic hoser, eh.
Ya man, I'm a retarded hippie
No way, General Steve Joe is a man of alloy and we have the armed forces to prove it
Sort of. As a new-age spiritualist we should all go there and hold hands and sing and drum, this means being active and using our crystals
Yes. Return Canada to First Nations and let the Clan Mothers rule
Yes. I'm a left or center blogger
Harper, go get laid!
Free polls from Pollhost.com

CTV still has it's poll up as of today , go vote and nudge the 'yes' vote ahead. Thanks to ???, gee i like to give credit to where i got some ideas from but it was late when i posted this and i can't remember who's site had posted a blurb urging people to go vote at the glob or ctv...gulp, my apologies!!!!

Really no choice there, I had to go with the last one, but at least I feel satisfied with it. Ish...

I just hate to wish on him something I think should be celebrated at all times.
bruce, that was my choice too.....i'm afraid his busy schedule must not be allowing him the joys of carnal knowledge these days. i was tempted to click on the clan mothers one, but getting laid seems to be a more immediate solution. i'll look at clan mothers as long term.
hehehe look at clan mothers as long term

yeah ok, good luck with that. hope they don't poke you in the eye ;)

no stock portfolio. the hippie thing was tempting but that's old(ish). harper prolly needs to get laid, but it's not likely. like loving more than fighting, mostly... so i had to go with Yes, I'm a left or center blogger
I picked go get laid thinking that's how folks in your area say fuck off Harper. Retarded hippie! now now, you know that in Canada that's "life challenged hippie", 90% of who live in your province, while the rest are spread out across Canada delivering for Can. Post.
Go get laid the best choice. I hope his partner is a pig. They will deserve each other and live happily ever after.
Such a brilliant thought of giving us more choices.Poll becomes more real and up to maximum reality.
jeff msangi, you have a great blog. Keep it up brother. Too bad I cannot leave a comment there because those picture words. For some reason I get one big x and no picture. I tried refreshing the screen but no success.

Life is tough for the weak and poor whether be in Darfur or Canada. Look how native population is treated here. At least Martin government was on the right track then along came Harper the brain dead. It is sad.
ingram, this is good, we needed a vote on something else to make this look legite before i send it off to ....to.....well i don't think ctv and the glob would accept it so now i'll have to create my own media empire. an ouch my eye hurts!

q, basically yes on the go get laid/f.o.. theory, but it's in kindness, of course :) as for the west coast life challenged hippie , sad to say even they are a rare breed.....which makes me wonder how many trotskies are still in the post office?

anon, that's insulting to pigs.

jeff, i'd made a fake one way back, but thanks to k-dough's discovery (from some other blog?) we here can create our own.

shoots, i'm still on my morning coffee.....ctv poll link

why, they even give you THREE choices!!!!!!!!
Scout has great visitors. Bruce, I read your peace on democracy. You are so right. If Iraq is a democracy, gifted by Bush, then I will prefer to live in hell.

It is easy to call people terrorists out of hatred. Now what Israel is doing is terrorism in my book. 67 women and children dead in single bombing. Now who is coward here the one flying in his US jet killing innocent children and women or the ones who are trying to defend themselves and these children and women with very rudimentary weapons. In my book the real coward is the one in that fighter jet provided by another coward Bush who is using Israel to kill innocent children and women through proxy US war.

Sorry for being long-winded but I feel so mad.
that's ok anon, vent away!!!!!!! and ya, thanks, i think i have some great visitors. now to win the lottery, get the lear jet and pick everyone up for a big blog party :)
Scout, you're absolutely right. May apologies to pig community. How insensitive of me.
ha! love it!
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