August 07, 2006

BP Oil Closes Largest NA Pipeline

Oil giant BP has shut down the biggest oil field in the United States. This is causing U.S. oil and gas prices to rise. BP says it needs to replace 35 miles of corroded pipeline. I say they need to replace corroded minds...ya right, monitoring is part and parcel of oil and gas pipelines. So come on guys, 35 MILES????

Tell us what you think at this real genuine poll, worthy of CTV or the Globe and Mail.
Do You Believe BP's Reason for Shutting down it's Northern Pipeline
Yes, they're an honest, upright corporation
Yes, I hold shares with them
Yes, a friend of a friend works there and says so
No, I read it wasn't true on a blog
No, I had dinner with David Frum but swear, swear, swear you won't tell ANYBODY!!!
Free polls from

How many billions they made in profits in the third quarter of this year. I am sure it was in billions and that is not the total sales but profits only. Now poor BP needs millions to fix its pipeline. There was some talk of public gouging so they have to show the public how many difficulties they have. If the real devil shows up on my door step and tells me some cocomony story then I will believe him but not BP. We will pay just even higher prices at the pump. So get your horses and cart ready because gas may be out reach of ordinary folks.

If you believe BP then please do believe that I had a dinner with David Frum. But please be rest assured that I was sick in the stomach and threw up everything I ate, which was very small to start with.
When you think about it, who ever heard of an oil company shutting down a pipeline for “maintenance”? They usually have enough prior knowledge of these things to deal with them as a part of their regular business.

The thought of dinner with the Frum Bum kinda makes me want to loose mine.
If you want to know what was for the dinner with Frum the bum. It was a stinking baloney right from the kitchens of Dubbya and big Dick C. – some call him D***head.
anon, this story is such a lark i can't believe it. and let's look at bp's track record in south america...not good for all the pollution and the indigenous people with rashes, cancer, birth defects...........i hope you projectile vommited on frum.

bruce....ya, it's just too hokey. esepcially 35 miles....gimme a break , the big oil boys are getting too whacked out with their stories.

anon, are you sure it wasn't gourmet baloney?
Exactly right Scout, this is just a crock of bs. These guys are striking while the iron's hot to make a bigger profit: with the middle east in turmoil, oil markets are insanely sensitive. (Good link, BTW - if all those inspection guidelines were being followed, there's no way they'd suddenly find a problem so big that they'd have to shut down like this. Bastards.)
j, t'is cool we posted the same story! if you haven't been over to
Unrepentant Old Hippie check it out....lots of good sarcasm.
Yes the pipeline has been corroded for ten years. The timing is obviously opportunistic. Greg Palast has an article at August 08/06
Scout, yes gourmet for Dubbya and Dick.C and Frum the bum. But stinking baloney for rest of us.

Let me put this way, is Frum the bum capable of putting anything else on the table other than stinking baloney from Dubbya and Dick C.
ah ha! thank you q....all seemed like pretty oily fish to me.

anon, i don't think frum the bum tweedle dee and dweedle dum are capable of much of anthing that doesn't stink.
The whole thing smells very fishy, very rotten fish at that...

I did have dinner with Frum (silly me!), and threw up the rotten, fishy baloney all over him... His fault, he promised me a nice lobster dinner, but I should have known the cheap bastard would renege... Fool me once... ?

And I am grooming my horse and fixing the buggy, which is more my speed anyway... :)

Scout, I think I'll take your advice of the other night and do the same thing tonight, since I am unable to post to my blog due to some probs over there... so it'll be an early night for a change.

take care everyone! Enjoyed the post and the comments :)

(I'll just quickly go check out j's site...)
Enjoyed a lot!
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