August 05, 2006

Paliament Hill is Alive, With the Sound of Music (ah ha ha ha ha)

Somehow the timing of the remaining von Trapp children performing at Stratford seems 'Oh So Right". What better way to gently remind us of the horrors of war then The Sound of Music? The polls are against you, Steve, but Harper presses along with his 'principles not polls'" attitude. Well at last there is a sound of music coming, finally, from the opposition.

While the Bloc was successful getting together a meeting of the standing foreign affairs committee, they report dissapointment at the outcome. However, in stepped Jack Layton demanding a recall of parliament over government's 'failure to call for immediate ceasfire in Mideast. The Liberals responded the next day, saying, "Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems increasingly at odds with the global community and with our national character.

It looks like Layton is the one with the balls to actually call non-confidence. Looking at events, he may just be the one to send the cons back to Ze Fatherland. Climb every mountain, Jack, and ford every stream because the NDP will probably pick up another couple of seats in what this time will be a little more then a mere Layton 'power play'. And Bloc, we want to hear you really resound with "My Favorite Things" because you'll be in demand by everyone and the offers will be galore (GASP!!!, or it that Gaspe?). Liberals, hit those notes right on with "We are 60 going on 12" and , "Doh! A deer, a FEMALE dear" as you sort your shit out, and Tories, be in shape to chant "So Long, Farewell".

Now, where did I put my lyrics to Eidelweiss...

Interesting but scary situation. As already pointed out that Liberals are headless and to certain extent bainless. They are not going to call for a non-confidence vote when they themselves are in disarray. Their leadership candidates are not much exciting and there is hardly any Trudeau there although I am told that Kennedy guy may be a little more suitable than the rest. Ignatiff (sorry do not know how to spell or pronounce his name) is more conservative on war issues than Con-servatives themselves. That NDP convert Liberal Bob Ray is sending mixed rays (signals) as to how good leader he is going to be. Not impressed by him either. As a premier of Ontario Ray was a total disaster. Unusual socialist of a rich/capitalist background.

Good old NDP. Layton may be able to dance to the sound of music but is not that inspiring. In last election he was obsessed with Liberals, corruption, Montgomery inquiry more so than Con-sevatives. Actually given his negative propaganda/ads he handed Harper his victory. Not that impressed. Where was Ed Broadbent when we needed him?

I think Annamarie is right that we might have to put up with Harpie for a while. What a scary thought. Who would have thought Reeeform turned Alliance turned Canadian Con-servative will manage to screw the whole country and make us laughing stock internationally, but that seems to be our fate.

Good stuff Scout, at least Layton is doing more dancing than rest, although I think Alexa did all the singing on Middle East so far.
Correction: "As already pointed out that Liberals are headless and to certain extent BRAINLESS." Yes I meant brainless.
Sadly I have so little faith left in our fellow Canadians (esp. those of us not on the left coast) that I fear the only change with a non-confidence would be Stevo returning to the tanning beds and having someone coiffe his hair to look less like a lego accessory.

Doesn't stop me from hoping, though Jack's carnie hands will get him into trouble on camera again.

I agree, Alexa's shown the biggest cajones so far.
By the way, Scout, I am the anonymous above and I am I.M. who sent you an e-mail.

I.M. is my answer to
"to be or not to be" question.
anon....could be annamarie is right, who knows, the mired crystal ball is anyone's guess. and yes i concurr that alexis did more then for the liberals......put it this way, left right or center they're all still politicians and it's the party system, which just doesn't cut it.

i.m., oh oh, you're talking to a menopause woman here....can't seem to recall the email, but then again i had to ask a woman her name three times last night :) so never take this personally!!!!!

amelopsis, ya there's always hope :) but we shouldn't get too hyped on harper saying auf wiedersehen ....i'm not going to set myself up for that one!!!!!

btw, for anyone who hasn't checked out amelopsis' blog

Amelopsis' Garden
there's some great photos there and also at 22 over 7.

what does AMELOPSIS mean anyways?
Let me double check your e-mail address which appeared under the blog:
“Fidel Castro...Bush Like a Waiting Vulture” and that is
Keep up the good work. I find your blog very funny with a very serious message and some great comments.
Thanks for the complimentary traffic, Scout. I don't have high hopes of being able to remind Harper not to let the door hit his ass on the way out, but I try to dream.

(Amelopsis is a vine of which the blogger id pic are the berries)
im, gee, i'll have to look again..hope it was something that didn't end up in 'junk' or 'bulk' so i auto deleted it ....hey and thanks for the compliments :) oh boy, first of the day!!!

amelopsis, no problemmo, there's some really cool pics! ya, we all have the fantasy don't we :)

berries???? geeze i always thought they were easter eggs (so couldn't quite associate the use of them). those are some extremely pretty berries, wow! i'm going to have to plant some, will they grow on the west coast?
Amelopsis brevipedunculata or 'Porcelain vine' will most definitely grow there, but you'll have to keep an eye on the freely seeding berries - it might get a little busy in your more temperate climate. It is a really beautiful twiner, I hope you enjoy it ;)
(make sure you get the variegated sort...although I've never seen it sold any other way, there are plain green varieties and you'll miss out on the green, white and pink foliage)
I checked out Amelopsis' pictures on the 22 and over 7 link. Wow!! Absolutely fantastic!!

Interesting about the vine too, can I grow it in Southern Ontario?

Scout, another great post you've done! You are definitely the best!

All the comments are good too - interesting and appropriate, so not much for me to add right now. Other than: I agree, Alexa has the most cojones. Too bad she's not running. I'm getting so fed up with the testosterone-laden guys running the show that it would be nice to see a non-ego driven, sensible woman for a change. Mind you, there are lots of women out there too who are macho-wannabes: ie. Coulter, Malkin, Ambrose, Hillary, et al... The Clan Mothers are still my first choice... :)

I fear some worse times ahead for Canada and the world. Not trying to be pessimistic...

Anon, you should really get a site, as your comments are very good, astute, interesting, intelligent, plus you have a good sense of humour. If/when you do, be sure to let us know here.

Have to hit the sack early, as I've lots to do tomorrow, then the candlelight vigil for ceasefire and Peace tomorrow evening... It may be a long night. Just letting you know, Scout, in case you don't see me on here.

Take care all!
P.S. Scout,

I like what you wrote in the 'About Me' section for Location:"small island, the 51st state, Canada"

Yep, that's where we're at (or pretty close), so all our talk about sovereignty is meaningless claptrap parroted by politicians for our benefit. Our entire political system needs a complete overhaul, but those in power will never relinquish the party system.. Far more profitable for them and their corporate string-pullers and pocket-liners, far less equitable to the people. I don't think it makes much difference who we 'vote' into power (many of our votes don't count, since without some combination of proportinal representation [PR]), too many votes are wasted. Consequently, those voters are not represented.

The present party system is rife with cronyism, corruption and is merely an old-boys' club, with a few women thrown in for show. They all debate each other on TV, but then get together for amicable chats, dinner and deals. The days of Tommy Douglas are long forgotten remnants of the old days; his ideals subject to derision. He actually believed in his programs, meant what he said, and was dedicated. (Maybe P.E. Trudeau came the closest, albeit in a different way. At least he was a maverick and gave the finger to the old boys of the established order. I rather admired him for that... :) Yet the sheeple are satisfied with the status quo, believing that their leaders actually know what is best. Ugh!

Also, I forgot to mention, you did really well with the words to Edelweiss, and your German. I'm from over there, but you remember so much better. Honestly, your myriad talents never cease to amaze me. My hat's off to you.

Now I really must get to bed, as I am no longer capable of making any sense...

g'night all!
haha, annamarie, you are ceaseless!!! with all your activist duties and now you throw together a candle light vigil. go girl go! and speaking of blogs and astute commentary, would love to see more of your on your site!!!!

btw, i still remember all the words to eidelweiss, but in english, not german :) beautiful song (ya i'm a sap)
Thumbs up scout^ et al

It's so hard not to just slip into the sea of despair - ya know what I mean?
Here we live in the best country on earth with some of the best minds on the planet among us and what we get in Ottawa isn't a beloved musical it's bad vaudeville.
yeah, hopefully I'll have time to write more of my own stuff on my site... not much time nowadays...

take care, talk later!
:) amd
P.S. this is the best site on the web!!!
annamarie, thanks as ever.

timethief, bad vaudeville, gooder!!!! :) a little slapstick goes better with hockey then politics.
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