August 06, 2006

Justice Really Is Blind

Justice David Marshall of the Ontario Supreme Court will reading his final orders to Six Nations over the Douglas Land dispute on Tuesday. In Marshalls eyes Six Nations are in contempt of court for disobeying his previous orders. The Clan Mothers will be filing their own Cease and Desist order(don't forget to send your letter in). Let's see how Marshall likes having his game of "Blind Man's Buff" thrown in his face. I doubt Marshall will ever come around to the fact that Six Nations is sovereign, let's listen to him sing with his own band...

Marshall - Hit it boys!

Give the road back, don't gimme your flack
no more no more no more no more
Give the road back, even though it is yours.

Clan Mothers Clan Mothers don't ya treat me so mean
You're the meanest Clan Mammas I ever seen.
I guess if you said so
I'd have to pack my gown and go!


Now MaGuinty oh MaGuinty don't ya treat me this way
I'm alone with Clan Mammas on Tuesday
They know I got no balls
My juristiction ain't so tall
Well I guess if you say so
I'll have to pack my gown and go



Joe Public
you're welcome.
in spirit,
I'm so glad that you update and inform on this issue. Despite having an interest in keeping myself informed AND being right in the general neighbourhood, resources are limited for information. I'm going to take another dig through your links to find out the latest details.

I'm so glad to see the unity among the six nations today - it's time.
A Ray Charles remake with a body more like Jerry Lee and a head I thought was Truman Capote! I love this art form. Good luck to the ballsy Clan Moms.
Scout, I love the song and can't stop singing it!! Yes, good luck to the Clan Mothers! They have more cojones than all our politicians put together. I'll keep checking your site for further updates. (I'll also try to put in a link to this post and hilarious song on my site... hopefully I can manage how to do this... It should be read by my readers, for sure!)

best regards to all here,
~annamarie (
P.S. The Clan Mother deserve our solidarity and respect. Be sure, everyone, to write your letters as suggested by Scout in this post.
That should read: Clan Mothers. Sorry for the typo.
amelopsis...ya, it's kinda hard to know where to find the info....MNN is your best source, and i post the articles as they come via email at
the unity is cool and fine example of what can be achieved.

q, believe it or not that's ray charle's body and i had to work the colours, saturation etc. to make the hands 'white'. judge marshall-law does look like truman.....ewwwwwwww! i'll pass that one on to some of the clan mothers, they'll love it!!! what a great bunch of gals, workng with warrior spirit to bring an end to all the b.s. that's gone on for so many centuries.

annamaire, now i've done it, you'll be shooting me by tonight if hte song's still running around in your head ......these women are awesome, a shining example to all by utilizing the world's truest form of democarcy, the iroquois constitution . canada and politicians need to take courses from them.
oh, and you're fired for the typo. sorry , not allowed, i pay you ten cents an hour and what do i get, a damn typo!!!!
LOL!!! :) As always, you are waaaay too funny! I guess I can't ask for a raise then, right?? hehehe!

Gotta run, candlelight vigil that I started is happening soon! If it's not too late when I get back (and I'm not too tired)I'll get back here...

Take care all,
That was great! I have to go turn on the stereo and change tunes in my head now...
annamarie, looking at the pics you sent the vigil must have been very nice. you can ask for a raise in one month when your probationary term is over. until then you have to use the typewriter (oh geeze, what if a youngster reads this and asks what a typewriter is??).

bruce, ha! the tunes still rolling around in my head and i sung it for the landlord's kids this morning. now i'm damning myself for having posted it!!!!! :)
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