August 02, 2006

If Only They Were Normal, 4 - Ann Coulter

The 'never had her mouth washed out with soap' Ann Coulter. "Some have argued that Israel's response is disproportionate, which is actually correct: It wasn't nearly strong enough. I know this because there are parts of South Lebanon still standing. "

If she were normal:

"Thank you. You're a lovely audience, I truly love you as we work together to save Mother Earth. I was going to do my rendition of 'Smelly Cat', but given the state of the world I feel a Bob Dylan tune would be more appropriate. What's that, huh, ya please, sing along, this is a candle light vigil for peace after all. When we're done with "Blowin' In The Wind' I'd like you to all rise, yell "Fuck you, Bush!' then let's call on Gaia to send him white light'. Anon, this one's for you."

Another great normalized vision. I'd like to hear Ann sing " Smelly Cat", so I can stop loathing her. Maybe she has enough money now to stop her crusade, relax, come out of the closet and lead a less destructive life.
"I truly love you as we work together to save Mother Earth.." I thought that was Ambrose's line.

My she looks good with that guitar. She chose wrong calling to write when she could have been singing sensation and could have joined forces with Yoko Ono to save the planet.
When the globe gets warm enough Ann will shed her human skin and openly feed on passers-by.
Duct taping down ‘her’ genitals all these years has rendered her incorrigible.
I am glad for creatures like her and Michelle Malkin because they offer some insight into the agitprop depths of Neoconservative bigotry and it’s lofty, delusional detachment from the non-psychopathic segments of humanity.
These vitriolic harpies regularly demonstrate the startling degrees of madness potentially festering in the human,
(and suspected non-human), soul.
Youngfox and others you have good blogs. I will like to leave comments but that "visual verification" is in the way. I donot see any picture and only an "X". I tried to close and open the page, same thing.
q, i know ann's roadie so i'll put in the 'smelly cat' request for you. i understand phoebe may be launching a law suit against her for using the song, but joey is trying to convince her not to as he has a thing for trannies.

anon, rona isn't quite as eloquent as ann in her efforts to save Gaia. yoko and ann get together for green tea sometimes, although yoko takes her plain while ann adds steroids.

youngfox, i think they may be david icke's lizards. perhaps they'll shuttle off together in a u.f.o. one day.

anon, yes there are some great blogs around, mr. fox being one of them. i agree with the word verification but understand people use it to help prevent spam and hackers. i also prefer the pop-up comment windows so i can see what i'm commenting to. to each his/her own i guess.

now, where's that morning coffee????? ann, oh ann honey, time to get up!!!
Scout, I have no blog. That is why no pop up. I just like to visit good ones and yours is definitely in my favourites. Great stuff and at times too funny. Keep it up.
Scout, A good picture for you on the following site.
Scout, you've outdone yourself again!! Haven't had such a good laugh since yesterday when I saw your other posts!!

Youngfox, you said it perfectly! My sentiments too, on all counts, and like Scout said here.

Good and waaaay to funny! We can dream, can't we?? :)
anon, i'm surprised you don't have a blogspot, your comments are great, you could probably create quite a divine one!!! oh, the link didn't work :(

annamarie, i think dream and dream and dream cuz the world's a nightmare ...can't let them get to our pyches, which our own tax dollars are helping them to do....good gawd it just occured to me we're paying harper's salary and expenses!!!!! i demand a recount!
Yeah, we should have a recount!

btw, I forgot to mention that Coulter with guitar is a definite improvement on that otherwise scrawny, testosterone-popping male wannabee...

Youngfox's comment above was astoundingly deep!
Don't worry, I'm sure most of Beriut will be toppled soon enough.

Or terrorists may decide to stop with the whole "holocaust 2" thing, and watch the pigs fly out of my asshole...
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