August 04, 2006

Bush...'Outed In Israel'

From Queerty, WorldPride 2006: WorldPride 2006 kicks off this weekend in Jerusalem.

Let's turn things around:
President George Bush outed at the Worldpride event held in Israel. Said a smiling George, "What better way to feel liberated then outing in Israel? My brothers and sisters here know too well about the gay persecution that took place during the holocaust, and the atrocities of war. I opted to wear this uni as a statement about all the twinks getting killed or having to kill. They shouldn't be placed in that position. This war is just Oh So Wrong! Olmert and his neo-con hawks represent gay-bashers to the max. If the Tora and Bible were interpreted differently you'd see there's a place for us in all religion. But no, they choose to go with modern, warped perspective. When I get back I'll be announcing programs to beef up AIDS and HIV research and care, plus enforce severe penalties for LGBT discrimination. I've appointed Mary
to head things up which will also allow her to let go of having to echo that corrupt Dick on too many things. I'll also fire Liz Cheney. Peace, out!"

Right and Sharon just woke up from his comma. He says he has seen the light through near death experience. He is very repentant. He has decided to convert to Islam and headed for pilgrimage to Mecca. Miracles do happen.

You are simply too funny. did you know about sharon, that was supposed to be top secret!!!
I don't think Bush can be "normalized", maybe lobotomized for public safety.
Im not speak english too, but i apreciate your cngratulation in my blog. Thank's a lot...
q, that's the best suggestion ii've heard in a long time. we need a lobotomy central though, the line-up list will be long.

transbornia, congratulations is the least i can say...some of the art you post is AWESOME!!!
You are waaaay too funny again! (teehee) There's nothing more I can add... lobotomy is a good idea though, but like you say, the line-up would be way too long.

Anon's 'miracle of Sharon' is good too!

btw, I checked out Transbornia's blog, and you're right, the art is awesome!! Wow!!!
P.S. I like Bushie's hairless, shiny pate (as in head, not the pàtè you eat :)
annamarie, ya, isn' the art on transbornia's site great? don't know if you got to check out my cuban friend's art
he combines the classics with art deco a lot. when we walked into his house i looked at a painting on the wall and said, 'hey, that's ophelia isn't it?'. he was very excited i guessed. it was such a unique and well executed rendition a la nuveau.

and ya, bush's bald head looks way better!!!!

q had the lobotomy quip....i don't know who q is but he/she is intelligent and funny....i welcome your comments q....oh elusive one of the starship enterprise :)
A "Q" sighting here...
hey alison, always great to see yer pic and comments here! thanks for the q-tip :)
Scout, how I found out about Sharon? Saddam blurted out in court. They are great buddie, you know, Sharon and Saddam - sounds like twins.
Do you think the Gazetteer is 'Q'??

I like your 'q-tips' suggestion, Scout!
Scout, I just checked out your Cuban friend's art. Amazing!! Thanks for the link. I love good art by real people.
annamarie, yes, the elusive q must also the the elusive gaz, but will he strip?

ya, isn't pavel's work something? not an ounce of snottiness in this guy eitherm though brighter then hell.
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