August 01, 2006

If Only They Were Normal, 2 - Monte Solberg

And how's Monte handling the returning Canadian citizens from Lebanon? And we really believe the questioning isn't intensive interrogation? It says those who have spouses, partners and families will be processed first...or do they mean ones with money???

If Monte were normal, this may take place instead:

"Like, we smoked a few bowls together and talked about the difficulties of being over there and having to get rescued and stuff. I played 'Buffalo Soldier' for them to give them strength and we all sang "No Woman No Cry' and wept. It was pretty awesome and some gave me some beads for my dreads. I think I'm going to just open the doors, this border stuff is really a bitch and so 'system', man".

(for Bruce at Canuk Attitude)

Oh my God! I think you actually improved him, that's just wrong. I was expecting something a lot goofier than that. Holy shit.

Well done on such short notice though.
Thanks Scout, I needed that one.

I concur - you've improved him.
bruce and amelopsis, gee, i can't help thinking how much better he looks too...same with steve joe. i gotta keep normalizing these guys!!! who's next?
Good one.

What about Rona Ambrose. Nice attractive lady but as a Minister of Environment she sucks. What was Harper thinking when he appointed her to such a portfolio.
i'll take you up on that one, anon. harper doesn't think. he goes over his tom flanagan notes and books, phones bush, then reacts.
I love the improvements you've done on these turds!! hehehe! Yep, Rona Ambrosia could use some improvement... Although I'll grant that she's somewhat attractive, she sure looks like an uptight b**** whenever I see her on the telly. Maybe your expert makeover could giver her a more mellow look...?

Another uptight b**** I'd like to see 'madeover' is that fanatic-eyed, thin-lipped shrew neo-con icon, Ann Coulter. Maybe stick her scrawny bod into a string bikini and have her smoking a dube... ? Perhaps that would take the fanatical gleam out of her eyes and the wind out of her sails... Then I could actually LOOK at her pic without the urge to throw up.
What about wicked witch of the west with a broom and all the rest.
haha, annamarie vents about rona and anne. i kinda think rona looks like kirstie alley (or however you spell her name). i think i'd do anne as a new age spiritual gawdess.

anon, well, i'm tryiing to make them into 'normal' looking people, not 'suits', but people you'd find in your neighbourhood. wait, come to think of it there is a wicked witch on a borrom in our neighbourhood. she's all warm and gracious on an outside level, but get to know more then 15 minutes of her and you have to believe that some people really do have ice in their veins. the local kids call her cruella deville.
Scout, your are too funny.

Ann Coulter, mmmm, Mother Theresa in reverse living among the rich conservatives ensuring that morals do not get in their way for reaching their goals.
ann coulter as a new age spiritual gawdess, or mother theresa.....maybe the flying nun? guess it's more like the flying hunn.
Enjoyed a lot! » »
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