August 02, 2006

Internet Users Do Fewer Household Chores

CTV News Story
I think my livingroom totally debunks this theory.

Hehehe! That explains why I have no spouse or children at home, and my living room picture is on your site... :)
That reminds me of my apartment in Calgary years ago, it was my roomate's fault, honest and for true.
annamarie...i suspected when i liberated this photo i may have been verbena-central.

bruce...ya, sure, uh huh. right. no no no, i believe you. sure.

you lived in calgary.....ya, we put 51/2 years in there, it was kinda like doing time. the saving grace was the friendly people and being able to get to the foothills and rockies.
I lived in Chinatown, 2nd ave SW between Center & 1ts SW. I did security for Greyhound back when the bus depot was on 4th ave sw, if you can beleive it. I think there's a skyscaper there now. It would have been across the street from the SunLife Centre.
Hope they didn't pay much for that survey? And that room is disgusting. Better not be yours scout or we need a computer intervention.
q, I'm with you all the way if it does prove necessary. yikes.

BTW, I wonder if "they" are fatter or thinner?
bruce, i can't believe you were a security guard!!!! we lived all over (rental days, oh wait, we still rent). usually s.w. and closer in. our fave was one of those post war houses in kensington area. they were darling and kensington was a cool area. they've probably all been replaced with some gawd awful big modern things and condos.

q, they probably only paid millions and, think i may go into the biz. and it's annamarie's room, she's already confessed. i wouldn't put my up here, there would be worse then intervention. 'i am a blogoholic' would be a mild statement.

cheez, i know you're only demonstrating your love for me by talking intervention. but i wouldn't be on the net so much if i wasn't having to answer all those romantic emails you send :).

i think fat or thin could go either way.....sit at computer, get sucked into screen and forget to eat.....or.....bring every meal plus chocolate bars to computer.
Thanks, Scout, for putting up the picture of my room! I don't mind that everyone now knows that I am an 'internet junkie'. I'm not fat yet, but working on it... hehehe ;)
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