August 01, 2006

Aboriginal Land Reclamation, "First we'll take Manhatten..."

The Six Nations Clan Mothers are on a roll....take a gander at New York, and at The Haldiman Tract. I can just see AnnaMarie at Verbena 19 jumping for joy!

Both Dolton 'Squinty' MacGuinty and Steve Joe Harper probably have the armed forces on standby still, as well the U.S. is no doubt stepping up it's campaign to push AFT onto reserve land. The Minute Men are probably seething because, let's face it, these women are just not living up to conquered, co-opted standards. Why, how dare they!

If you love the work these women are doing, be sure to check out and subscribe to MNN, the support is needed and appreciated.

Yep, those Clan Mothers are on a roll... and you're right, it does make me jump for joy! Wouldn't it be nice to have the Clan Mothers instead of the Bushie-Harpie- corporate-military-industrial complex in charge?? A definite improvement. Don't you think so?

by all means, annamarie, by all means! :)
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