August 05, 2006

The Starship Private Enterprise

Steve Joe Harper just can't help himself. Despite polls from conservative publications and Canadians crying out to stop support of Israel, SJH remains on the bridge alone, convinced that "Conservatives will act on principles, not polls."Harper also says he's firm on softwood....huh? Sounds pretty Freudian to me.

Harper - Scotty, just give the dilithium crystals to Doc and have him make me a cocktail. Spock, get to the bridge NOW, I need another emotionless being to support my choices. Sulu and Ohura, you're fired, you're of colour. OH alright Ohura, go be assistant to Michaele Jean. Sulu just pick up your internment camp cheque and leave me alone. Chekov, you're gone at the next space outport you dirty commie! Damn, I've got Klingons on my Uranus....Doc, get to the bridge fast! Boreen, stop calling me about the kids whle I'm at work."

Thanks to Annamarie at Verbena-19 for the news link.

I think I saw that episode.

"To boldly blow where no man has ever blown quite this much before."

Damn, it's creepy how completely plausible Harpie looks there.
alison.....ewwwwwww! but how perfect. was that the episode before or after the trouble with tribles? i can see goth in his uni peeing his pants with glee that harper's in power. oh my gawd, what if cotter had won??????????????????

harper looks creepy no matter what!
Do not know much about star-trek but Harpie has been and is spaced out. Perfect role for him but I only wish Harpie was a fiction. What a nightmare.
I haven't checkerd the news link yet as I was having too much fun with the text!!!
But will do- keep'em coming...
I'm laughing too hard to write this... hehehehe :) Glad to see the wonders you've done with the link. (Definitely much better and waaaaay funnier than anything I could have done.)

And yes, Harper looks creepy no matter what. I can't believe that we may be in for the 'long haul' with him, but since the Libs are headless and I really don't see anyone worthwhile in that Party -- and Canadians aren't ready for Layton, even though I like him -- Stevie may be around for quite some time. Perish the thought! But it sure doesn't look promising, does it? The Liberal gene-pool is definitely lacking...

Anyone have suggestions on who would be the most capable? Yeah, I know I prefer the Clan Mothers, but I'm afraid uptight Canadians aren't evolved enough for them either :)
You perfect your craft mamselle. Your photoshop workshop must be better organised than your living room, muahahaha. Steve will never look better than this private enterprise moment. It's all downhill from here, the lack of wood(just ask Boreen), the lack of a foreign affairs vision that benefits sad he didn't work out but he's one good liberal alternative away from adios muchachos.
annamarie, i can see the libs getting in if spock or scotty defected and joined them. then they could beam themselves up. mind you that would infuriate the kling-cons and the conulans, so it could mean civil war.

q, merci. and yes, photoshop is much tidier then my place. i did have a frank chat with boreen about the lack of wood but she says condi sent her one of the battery operated patriots, so she's smiling. and yes, i for one am crying that steve's days are numbered because it will mean i'll have to re-do my native sovereignty email list, plus photoshop the liberal cabinet......if that doesn't give me carpal tunnel i don't know what will. i'll put it on steve's bill.
Hold onto your hat, but a can recall hearing a rumor on one of the Canadian blogs I frequent (it might have been Cowboys for Social Responsibility or Wonderdog or even Calgary Grit - I can't really remember) that Steverino is a long time Trek fan. Back when he was just a lowly anti-tax libertarian crusader with the National Rightwing Dipshits Coaliton or whatever the hell its called, he even attended a fan convention in Denver and entered a costumed lookalike contest. The rumour never said which character he was supposed to think he looked like, though my money would be on Data from Next Generation -although Brent Spiner had more life and intelligence in his silver android eyes than Steve does. I don't think the rumour was ever confirmed, but of course we all pray for the day the real photos surface.
rev, THAT would explain why brent spiner shows up under google images for stephen harper!!!! i'm serious, go have a gander!!! oh my gawd, i mean, ewwwwww!!!!!!
LOL!! :)
Keep up the good work »
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