August 09, 2006

Caledonia - Judge Baby-Face Marshall

Good Gawd can't Judge Marshall even follow his own book? Marshall ruled yesterday that negotiations between Ontario and Six Nations must stop while native protestors are still on the land that's under dispute. ONTARIO IS APPEALING MARSHALL'S DECISION AND THE FEDS SUPPORT THE APPEAL

Clan Mother Kahentinetha Horn has the best to say about it. Marshall is in conflict of interest as he and his wife own land on the disputed Haldiman Tract. So Harper, why aren't you doing anything about this conflict of interest? Oh, that's right
, you're hoping your cronygets more book sales out of the deal. And by-gosh, The Reform Party of B.C. loves Marshall !!! CHING CHING, rack up those dollars! Forget that Marshall's whining over Rule of Law about defied court orders, get him out of kindergym and let him know Canadian Rule of Law gives him no juristiction whatsoever on Native Rights. It's between the Queen and the Rotino’shon:ni people, Baby, so Michaelle Jean, start doing what you're supposed to be doing, put down your own tinker-toys and answer to the Women Title Holders like the Queen has told you to.

Baby-face Marshall has dialed 1-800-WaaWaaWaa a couple of times over his orders not being followed by Six Nations, and this time he ran out of the courtroom in a judicial snit. Forget those donations to Mid-East causes, we have a Canadian in our midst who needs the collection plate full for a new bib, diapers and flash-cards on Canadian Law. Oh, and his life-saver? Good thing he keeps those water-wings on, Ontario's heat-wave is nothing compared to the hot water he'll be swimming in.

When contacted about Ontario's decision to appeal, Judge Marshall said, "Gaa gaa, goo goo".

(an email and site guide to letter writing .)

Judge Marshal is highly 'principled' man. He will never give up his land. Harpie supports him on that. Conflict of interest is irrelevant when it involves his own land or the land he claims to be his. What a bunch of hippopotamuses.
or is that hippopotami?
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