August 08, 2006

Clan Mothers Sing Back

"You Hit the Road Judge" [Ontario's David Marshall] sing Women title Holders

Clan Mother Maria von Furtrap led the Women Title Holders in a stellar performace of "You hit the Road, Judge" with their Cease and Desist Order. Using her umbrella as a choir baton, Maria and the 'Rule of Law Gospel Truth Choir' hit notes so high that windows and water glasses shattered at the court house where Judge David 'Swampwater' Marshall was set to issue his blind version of law. It's not known at this time where 'Old Swampy' and Caledonia Mayor Marie Trainer-wheels are headed on their road to salvation, but we wish them luck and 'Gawd Speed'. Psssst, Trainer-wheels is rumoured to have hidden her gold mayor medals under the steps of the Caledonia WAKEUP CALL office.

Now for the Women Title Holders' Chorus

So you Hit the road, Judge - Don't'ya come back no more - You ain't got no jurisdiction - We don't wanna see ya no more, no more, no more ... - so take yer gown, Marie Trainor and her medals and go ...

I hadn't seen the WAKEUPCALL sight before. COMPLETE ASSHOLES. It's like a microcosm of what's going on globally.
oh yes, they're just a lovely group aren't they.....wakeup and smell the coffins. yikes, what am i saying? if you click on their poll it brings you to a place where you can make comments.
Interesting...hmmm. And you are irreverently funny, as always. :)

BTW, I followed your advice last night. Did me a some good.

On another matter, is anyone else having problems with Blogger today? I haven't been able to post a single thing. (I just sent Blogger Support an email, but they are always slow to respond.) Just wondered if anyone else was having these probs... My posts are all sitting as Drafts. Just thought I'd let you know the reason why you don't see anything on my site today.

What a bummer! And I had a few things to say...
P.S. I just returned from the WAKEUPCALL website. I totally concur with Cheezwhiz that those people are "complete assholes", and yes, it is a microcosm of what's going on globally. It seems our world is spawning ever more bigots, hate-mongers, war-hawks. The voices of sanity, reason, tolerance, understanding and peace have to really SHOUT to be heard above the din.
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