August 08, 2006


Take this quiz at

Ya gotta love those silly internet generators.

Good one. RIP Harpi. Leave us Canadians alone. Both Bush and Harpi should be beamed up to some other planet and left there. Mars is pretty barren. Will be quite suitable for both. Please NASA do something before these two morons wreck our planet.
Joseph Lieberman should accompany them now that his constituents have rejected him. Another warmonger.
anon, they are from another planet, it's just a matter of finding out which they came from. if you click on 'take this quiz' you can punch in all the names you want.....mine was 'once i wasn't, then i was, now i ain't again'. don't know how many they have in their generator.
Thank you scout. Great site. Had great fun with it.
Heehee - I put in "George W. Bush" and got "Can you hear me screaming?" Although it's more like "Can you hear the world screaming (for you to resign)?" That was fun, thanks.:)
anon and j,
glad ya had fun!! i've tried a few of the 'quizzes' and on slow news days or when i've had it up to my gums in mid-east shit i'll turn to this source for something.

ha on the george bush one! (refuse to do LOL )
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