September 22, 2006

And Suckers We Is

Afghani President Hamid Karzai thanked Canada for it's Sucker Bucks as the numero uno country supporting the whateveritis that's going on over there. Bodies and bucks, we got 'em for you at lo, lo discounted prices! Get placed as a puppet, DON'T form your own army, call 1-800-CanukerSucker and have fun doing whatever it is you're doing. Wearing a poppy this Remberance Day will take on a whole new meaning!

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I support Afghanistan
NOT !!!
Because I'm a sucker
I love Steve
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We are the suckers and Karzai is a Bush's puppet. Now Bush has two puppets. He added Harper to his collection of puppet dolls. Dangerous puppets. They kill.

Why Karzai runs around in his nightgown? Does anyone know? Is he a Dracula!
anon, when one is in bed with so many people, one tends to keep their nightgown on.
Scout, good one. LOL.
He is a snazzy dresser. Maybe the cape will make a come back.
And those Afghan dogs are tres cool. So the country is messed up but at least they're stylish?
anon, thanks....only fed off what you handed me :)

q, yes, the cape, the hat, the oh so diregeur look and feel of canine companions with long hair (and no brains)......where's the runway for these fashion czars?
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