September 20, 2006

Ralph Klein - Good Boy Hands In letter of resignation

What a good boy Ralphy is!!! He finally handed in his letter of resignation , and as he promised his wife, didn't do it before she made a presentation on Crystal Meth (one of Ralph's reported girlfriends). Now if only he could have contained the little devil within when he tossed coins on the ground to the homeless, cut back a myriad of social programs, violated native rights (plus Ralphy had a penchant for boinking Blackfoot women on his wonder the corrupt chiefs made him an honourary one) blah blah blah to keep Alberta the United States of Alberta.

Gosh, and Harper is probably crying. I'm sure Klein and dozens, nay hundreds of 'good old boys' who towed the bigot line before him are retired, dead, continuuing their dementia.

With the likes of the Fraser Institute on his mind I'm sure cruise ships and the Betty Ford Clinic may be on the list too.

Good luck Ralphy, any clown could have run that oil rich province and looks like you've been numbero uno as Bozo for many a year. Your hot air probably contributed far too much to Global Warming. NEXT!!!

Thank God, the Great Alberta Oil God, that is! Ralphy is bye bye!

Will he move to Montana like he should?

Who's next?
thing with these guys if they did move to real cowboy country they'd be viewed as sheep farmers.
who's next, don't know, they got a line up on the article. by all sounds rights it should be al dooer who took over as mayor of calgary after ralphy and put the city back into financial shape.

that's what most tdon't seem to get....ralph gets billed as this fiscally responsible guy but spends like crazy in the province, like he did in calgary. however with the money from oil it always gets hidden. he left calgary a HUGE mess.

prob for al is that even if he wanted to run his past association with alberta liberals would do him in. too bad, he's ace on sustainability and comes from the planning ranks. works with first nations a lot and has genuine respect.

maybe we'll get ron good to run for premier :)
"..Your hot air probably contributed far too much to Global Warming."

That is so unfair to Ralph. He contributed a lot and Alberta is in surplus - he took that hot air (that he produced himself) and ran many windmills to produce energy hence saving costs on other energy sources and reduced the emission of pollutants:). If you believe that then get in touch with the pope to start the sainthood process for Ralph.
...and so appropriately named... RAaaaaaaLPH!
anon, yes, i've applied for him to recieve the order of canaduh. a candidate for sure!!

cheeze, i wonder if his middle name is 'huuuuuuuurl'?
How many aborigional Canadians have done as much Good as Mrs. Klein???

"violated native rights"
That's not only insulting to the King, but even more insulting to Colleen, his Righteous wife.

Hmmmm... Seems you bitch like a typical leftist to me Scout.
hey knight....too many aboriginal candians who have done good to list here. WAY TOO MANY.
insulting? ya, i guess you could say klein has been insulting.
can't get it out of your head i'm not a leftie? how come? need a label to tag me with, too confusing otherwise i guess. how can i make things easier for you? let's see....non-partisan, how's that? that's a good label.
gee knight, you bitch away on your site, does that mean you're a lefty? ah hah! now we know. knight ofgoodironleft. you crazy , zany guy you! here you were trying to make out to be a con. ha, good one!
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