September 19, 2006

From The Kalamalka Rainbow

BC Waterboy, a frequent commentor here, has a post up on his site The Kalamalka Rainbow about a complaint being filed against Dr. Joseph Berger, a Toronto Psychiatrist and member of NARTH's "scientific advisory committee. Please go to Waterboy's site, have a good but disgusting read, and send in a complaint!!!! Supporting our LGBT brothers and sisters right now is of utmost importance.

Check out Pam's House Blend Sept. 19, "Same sex buss on plane almost results in diverted flight". If Harper keeps glued to bush-TV things is gonna get worse here. Of course we could always go in and snip the cable :)

Thanks for the link Scout, much appreciated. I'm doing a little more research into this NARTH outfit: I've read their website and one of their former "patients" Daniel Gonzales, runs an informative site called "ex-gay watch" in which he counters the absolute crap promoted by christofacists that people can read the bible and pray away the gay. In other words, be stuffed back into a closet by a bunch of bigoted fools.
"Truth Wins Out" by Wayne Besen is also an excellent resource in countering this. Not much has happened in Canada though, but I know that David Mainse at 100 Huntley street provides "christian counselling" to intimidate gay people into remaining closeted or face "hell", and there is another idiot at the Coast that does this and he has been involved in a lengthy human rights case.
hey waterboy! no prob. when i say your post i thought, 'jesus h. christ, what the hell are the lunatics up to now??'. glad you're doing some digging, hope you're wearing gloves while handling the b.s. shovel.
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