September 18, 2006

If Only The Were Normal #9 - Donald Rumsfeld & Kim Jong ll

Donald Rumsfeld and Kim Jong ll are staging a 'Bed-In' to protest war and corruption.

Rumsfeld: It's way sweet. We've booked the room and look forward to recording a song for peace.
JONG: I love Donny. We come up with these brilliant ideas together. What we're doing is for the world and it's a sacrifice and statement.
Rumsfed: Christ, ya know it ain't easy. Ya know the way things can be. The way things are going, they're gonna crucify me.
JONG: SHRIEK! Up yours, propagators of war!
Rumsfeld: Kimo's my love. Kookookachoo.

I don't get it.
Rummy protects me from tyranny, while Kim Jong Il is one of the world's worse tyrants...

I guess the left has never bothered to try and make the distinction.
hey knight!
i'm not a leftie so i don't know (remember, i'm not a political party person, so all these guys are idiots to me).

i was thinking about you while i did my google image search for kimmy though. there's a lot of 'mini-me' kim jongs, which i got a real kick out of. i thought, 'gee, it might be fun for knight to post a collection of the mini-kim pics'.
Rummy is evil, Jongy is evil, now they're normalized and want to give peace a chance.....what's not to get?
Good work scout, they've never looked better.
I can't seem to get that photo of Rummy shaking his hero Saddam's hand when they were best buds. Now, to settle a personal score, he is responsible along with the cabal of war criminals in the white house, for the deaths of thousands of innocent people. May they one day pay for their crimes.
Great pics, Scout! Yes, may they both one day pay for their crimes.

Is Knight for real??? Does he actually belive Rummy is making anyone safer?? Or is he just messing around??

Calling you a 'leftie'? Why do some people always want to stick labels on others?? Like you, I'm not a 'leftie' or a 'rightie' or any other 'ie', I am simply 'me'. Guess there's no pigeon-hole for some of us... :)
q, ah to normalize so many!!!! i think they make a good looking couple.

waterboy, unrepentant old hippie has a good post on bush and we got into talking that one day they may be at the hague toether and then share the same cell. i guess we'll have to make room for lots of others, gin rummy and little dong included.

annamarie, knight is either real or 'one of us' and just wants to play around at attracting whomever to his site. i kinda like that he stops in now and then, but he has a poor memory. i think we can find ourselves a nice pigeon hole somehow that allows the labelers to be able to compartmentalize.....i was thinking of some nice homing pigeon roost.
I'm with waterboy on hoping to see rummy, cheney, georgie and all the rest of them in the dock at the hague. Bastards!

But from a more light-hearted standpoint, good work Scout, as usual! They look so cute together. Picture them on the Two Virgins album cover.... whoops, ohno, not a good thought.
sittin' on the dock of the hague
watching the time slip away

jj, i did download the album's pic at first, but when the landlords 11 year looked over my shoulder and saw it on my computer i ditched it know, quick, click on the X. i'm sure he still ran with a grin upstairs and said, 'you should see what she has on her computer!'. argh.
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