September 21, 2006

Rope the Dope - Chavez Vs. Bush

It's a left uppercut to the jaw, a jab to the eye, and Hugo keeps punching on target to the devil himself, Doublya. We're waiting for the TKO in the third round, somehow Bush's coach and trainers just don't have him prepped for this world wonder he won't go up against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. If you recall the Iranian has challenged Bush to a debate but Bush will only do so with HIS guidelines (which means secret two way radio contact to someone with brains to feed him the answers).

Mother Jones has the video of Chavez calling Bush the devil and smelling the sulphur.

Meantime Stevie keeps wanting to make his debut on the world stage a memorable one and he's itching to get in the ring. Sorry Steve, if youre going to take steroids you have to do the WORKOUT too. Fire Bush's trainers and start from the beginning, that's called learning Queenbury Rules. Dumbass.

Actually Harper is a clone of Bush. Harper does what Bush does. Bush asked his clone to read his speech in the UN. Bush is angry with Chavez and he thinks he allowed him into U.S and Chavez fooled him by throwing all these punches. Bush has been heard repeatedly saying
"Fool me once shame on you .........and you cannot fool me again and I will not allow you back into New York (or is it into Taxes or Tennessee – Cheney will clarify that), Chavez."
anon, i think harper is a wannabe clone....try as he might he's only a parrot. or an echo chamber. i'm sure bush is crying in his oatmeal now :)
It's funny how Ahmajinedad's (sp?) speech improved his image in the media, at least here. Perceived perhaps as less of a crackpot; a wily oratician, as I heard one analysis of it. It was a really interesting moment.

And Pulllllleeeeeassseee...Steve's moobs are givin me the CREEPS! His speech, btw, seemed more like something to be pewked out here at home than at an international forum.
I love the photos.Where the hell do you get them from or how do you doctor them? I would love to know.

I think Harper is giving Canada unbeliavable negative image by being a little brother of Bush.Canada is a great country,a country that could always put the world into right direction.Its a shame that someone like PM of Canada just follows whatever Washington wants.

A friend of mine who is attending the UN assembly this year called me and asked me what is going on when he saw only empty seats when Harper was delivering his speech.I just told him this..that is what you get when you are not yourself.
Whoa, Stevie needs a Man-sseire. Auugh, I momentarily went blind looking at that:(
ya, the iranian prez (easier to remember then his name) seems to be making good strides...his b.s. is better then bush's brand. perhaps george should go back to the fertilizer store (and get arrested by the rcmp). 'a wily oratician', gooder!!!!

what, you don't want to reach out and touch one of steve's moobs? steve has just GOT to come up with more funding to pay a proper speech writer...polly the parrot may work for minimum wage, but REALLY! the guy's gone from amateur theatre to the world stage and is acting amateur.
jeff, i use adobe photoshop to doctor them and get the pics from 'google images'. if you get photoshop i'd be happy to guide you, i'm no pro but can give SOME advise etc. . right on about harper giving canada a negative the story of the emtpy seats!!!

jj, lucky you were wearing your shades, it could have produced blindness plus other profoundly horrible effects without them. maybe we could have mr. kostanza and kramer contact the pm about the mannsierre.
My name is cheez, and I hate big hairy moobs. Just have to get that off my, er, chest. Or perhaps I'm just jealous of their size and relative perkiness, but really the hairiness is not a plus.
cheez, thank you for joining us here today , it takes a lot of guts to get up and speak for the first time at moobs-anonymous.

any truth that he has a nipple pierced?
That was the best speech ever delivered in the UN...Chavez's I mean! Finally someone with a real pair stands up...for EVERYONE WHO CARES!

Anyone hear if the papparazzi got a picture Bush being fed his ration of crackers afterwards?
In what way does it take a "real pair" of balls to diss the president of the United Staes, Bill? What's Bush going to do about it?

Why do cowards always think they are brave when they attack someone they know won't hit back?
bill, t'was ace of chavez indeed!! no word on bush's reaction shot.

anon, bill charges $5000 for his opinion, i only charge $3000. do you have visa or mastercard?
And it takes no balls to hide behind an anonymous comment. I admit, I have no balls. If a nation is connected to the States in any way then Bush can retaliate, as he's prone to do, with economic sanctions or , surprise, force.
Anonymous 3:37 PM are you Bush's hit man. You have no balls if we go by our argument. I agree with the other anonymous that Bush and his hit man are good at hurting people. After all he is carrying out genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan and through Israel in Lebanon.
I wonder what the world would look like today if along with of BALLS, we valued OVARIES in our leaders? More boobs to balance the many moobs, I say.
cheez, eggs are good. just don't put them all in one basket. we need some women leaders with major labia....not balls. estrogen for peace.
Excuse me but who posting here is not anonymous? Cheezwhiz? Scout? JJ? What has anonymity got to do with cowardice? Nothing. Learn the difference between the desire for privacy and abject fear of injury, children.

I'm Bush's hit man for saying Chavez displayed no bravery (at least PHYSICAL bravery -- he certainly is not afraid of embarrassing himself) in attacking Bush in his UN speech? Fine. Believe what you want.

But anyone who suggests Chavez risks anything but his own self-inflicted embarrassment is a fool. For people to praise Chavez’s idiocy shows silliness bordering on buffoonery.

Scout, you are incoherent in your last posts.
Anonymous 4:27 AM. You must stay up whole night to carry out your job as a hitman:). Chavez said what the whole world feels about Bush including the vast majority of Americans. Bush stinks, man. He is a murderer and an international criminal.
anonymous....i stive to be incoherent, it's a talent sorely lacking in many. i see you've passed the grade though and i congratulate you, you are miles ahead of me on incoherency. will you help me with my incoherant studies, i need someone to make up flash cards. hey, you want my real name address etc., no prob cause i have no fear. email me . frequent visitors here know who i am so i'm only semi-anonymous, i don't earn full chickenshit status like you.

the anon, yes, i believe anonymous suffers from insomnia. he/she volunteered for the hitman job though so you gota hand it to him...with more and more turning against bush the prez NEEDS volunteers like anonymous. i think a ribbon should be created for these dupes.
Regardless of what 'hitman anon' says, I like Hugo and get a kick out of him telling Bush off. He's a colourful, funny dude, and he's helping America's poor. Something that Bush can't/won't do.

I liked Ahmedinejad's speech too, and he's shown himself to be an excellent orator. Most people I talked to gave his speech thumbs up, and Bush-Haper's speeches thumbs down. No wonder there were so many empty seats when Stevie gave his bland, Bushlike same-old same-old. Ditto for Bush. Both made me yawn, but Bush also made me angry. That man always does, just by his chimp-faced blustering, arrogant idiocy. How he got elected TWICE is beyond my comprehension.
"Chavez said what the whole world feels about Bush including the vast majority of Americans."

I don't think you have the faintest clue what most Americans feel about Bush.

That you silly people admire Chavez and Ahmadinejad says a lot more about you and the left than about me and Bush. Keep up the good work; you are confirming your irrelevancy.
annamarie, right on!

anon....still hiding behind 'anon' are ya? please note that people who frequent here give their real names or nicknames, all list where they live and most have their email listed. annamarie happens to be married to an american, i have many many american friends and relatives and spend about 4 moths of the year there. how's that for getting 'tuned in'? i don't think you realize what the left is or that most here are non-partisan. the polls are irrelevant? they show the majority of americans do not support bush and harper has a MINORITY government. next caller please....'hello, yes, you're phoning from Caledonia and you think injuns are savage? oh, you want to remain anonymous. i see....shall we call you the hidden bigot or would you like to be known as harper cabinet?".

you want silly, anon, go look in the mirror. don't forget to email me,
p.s., let me sing a little song:

'new york, new york....' dunno, just popped into my head.
You're raving, Scout, but thanks for putting words in my mouth. Your spending "4 mo[n]ths a year" in the U.S. will only lead to understanding of the average American if you have discernment. You seem to me to be particularly disconnected from reality and it seems to me to be by choice.

I must say, your "non-partisan" Web skills are truly second to none. Wow!

Viva Chavez. May this matador de los diablos gringos continue his hard reign over the Indians and mestizos of Venezuela.

And may the great leader of the Iranian people get his bomb.
anonymous , i love you, my son.
'anonymous' has minor labia
haha, ya cheez, good one.
Stop it! Stop it! No one here is taking me seriously and I have the truth to speak and all you do is make fun of me. I wish you would all go away. Crawl into your stupid leftist holes you Canadian assholes. You think Indians are people when they are terrorists. Don't you understand you should all be afraid of everything like me? I can't stand living in this fear.

Bush will conquer everything and you'll be sorry.
No conservative would say, "I have the truth to speak." Nor would I whine like that. Nor would I call you people “assholes,” much less “Canadian assholes.” Nor would I call Indians terrorists. Therefore, we can conclude that this is just another left-wing faker.

It must be contagious. So are you Meagan or Scout, faker?

Shame on you.
I apologize for the above. I didn't intend to get so mean but everyone not disagreeing with me has made me a bit testy.
And I didnt mean to say shame on you. I know that's not very nice. Conservatives can be nice but I'm confused these days. How would you like to live in a country where your president is so despised?

I know people elsewhere blame the system and not the American people but I take it on and feel guilty. I'm sorry for lashing out. I need help.
After talking with my pastor today I now have to apologize to Megan and Scout for accusing them of being fakers. I'm sorry and hope you weren't offended by my bigotry.
my my my.
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