September 23, 2006

Meet Harper's Speech Writer!

Her name is Polly and she's been on the job since the beginning.

Polly works for crackers, swears like a sailor and needs a lot of attention, but man she's good at getting Bush's words into Harper's speeches!!! It does take a little extra to have an editor delete the 'squawks' and expletives but it's saving The New Government tons of dough to go towards the Messing with, I mean, Supposed War on Terrorism.

Birds of a feather fuck together, I mean FLOCK together, so Harper, FLOCK OFF!!!

Ha ha.
Yes, every politico needs a parrot. Does she type with beak or feet..or dictate to Sandra?
Harper and Bush can flock off together.
q, i believe she uses the beak/talon method of typing. sandra's the editor. it's rumoured a lot of the work is sent out to developing natons for assembly.

the anon, yes they can flock off and go poo on cars and statues elsewhere.
Hahahaha!! Too funny and good for mere words! (Wonder how many seeds Polly gets paid?)
annamarie, steve and boreen buy seeds from petcetera (big box appeal) and get a discount on the 'new government of canada' account. it's rumoured their adopted cats try to eat polly, but she always outsmarts them.
How does she type -- hunt and peck? (haha, groan.)
boo hiss. she's a beak-on of delight but every now and then has a bird.
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