September 22, 2006

Major Labia

There's been some mention lately by visitors here like Jeff of African Perspective and Cheez of Neuronic that we need people with ovaries as leaders. I agree, as long as they are not sacrificial lambs of 'the good old boys'.

While I don't believe in party politics, one woman I admire the heck out of is B.C.'s NDP leader Carole James. Grounded, salt of the earth, not afraid to admit to error, caring but tough, sustainably minded and of Metis and Italian heritage, this woman grew up in poverty in Victoria. She knows the other side of the coin yet understands business. How many are around like that???

Married to Carrier Nation artist Al Gerow, a great guy himself, Carole strives to keep a clean, tight ship with no room for egos. Yes, it's a new NDP under her leadership and she has just as much knowledge of sustainable practises and practical applications as the Green Party...the difference being that she's brought the NDP to be the major contender in the ranks against Gordie's faux liberals.

Would I cast a vote her a second! This woman has major labia, holding her own in her own style....not that of superficial leaders who rely on ego and coersion. She JUST IS HERSELF. You want ovaries, this woman's got emu eggs.

We need the rest of the country's NDP to likewise represented, although now I can't stop thinking how uncomfortable emu eggs must be!
amelopsis, if we could clone carole.....naw, we need diversity too.....hmm, you're right about emu eggs, sometmes my yolks aren't all they're cracked up to be.
Big balls, major labia...maybe there's too many hormones in politics and not enough wisdom?
Of course to be wise you can't have an agenda.
q, good point....from now on politicians must be spayed or neutered and agendas tossed into the chuck.

major labia has long been my term in antithesis for 'big balls' when it's applied to women. who wants balls if you're a gal? james has wisdom too , too bad it's party politics.

speaking of balls....

click on media file: bigballs.mpg
I'd love to see NDP comes to power.If I was ever allowed to vote NDP could get mine.

From now on I will closely follow this lady.Who knows..she could get my vote for re-formed UN with HQ in Dar-es-salaam,Tanzania
and i vote for jeff to be on the u.n. reformation team !!!
Yea, I bet she is a huge cunt...
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