September 23, 2006

Precedent Setting Case Won For Australian Indigenous People

Mighty clan mother Kahentintha Horn of Six Nations reports that a precedent setting case in Australia gives way for indigenous people. The report also gives a harsh peak at the realities of the D.I.A. and it's 'War Room'.

Bush:Howard, you snivellin' heifer, how'd ya let that happen?
Howard:Snivel, snivel
Bush:Steve, you ever handled one of these long guns before?
Harper:Why, ah, no Sir. But I can, I just know I can. They're legal in Canada and everything.
Bush:(eyes rolling) Good, that's what I like to hear, real hombre talk. Howard, we're about to scare the shit out of ya.
Howard:NO! I'll never let it happen again. Fair dinkum, mate, it just slipped by.
Bush:Not good enough. We wanna see ya dance.
Harper:Er ya, dance, Howard!
Bush:Hee haw Steve, yer really gettin' things. Anyone up for some Tex-Mex after?

Kudos to Kahentinetha for diligently staying on top of all pertinent news. Canada needs to pay attention to the West Aussies and follow suit. Maybe we'll have the Clan Mothers rule soon! Wouldn't that be nice? I sure wish...

Yep, that dialogue is what I'd expect from Bush and his monkey Stevie, thanks to Polly's help. Very likely scenario.

(Hands paining me too much to write all I'd like to say.) You did a great job as always; no wonder your site is the best!
annamarie , aw shucks, thanks. yes, polly helped me and you can rent her for peanuts (literally) on her days off to write comments when your hands are bugging you. she's non-partisan but some people think she leans to the left while sitting on the keyboards. see that list....definetly a lefty :)
Scout, something is missing from your story. When it comes to shooting guns should Dick not be there. If Dick was present Howard will crap in his pants in no time.

Polly is becoming an international celebrity. I am a fan. If it is left leaning then may be, may be Harper will change after reading all the speeches written by Polly.
the anon. shit, i knew i left something out! maybe cheney was on a hunting trip.

polly is certainly more liked and well known then her employer. we'll keep working on polly's leanings and see if she can start slipping ideas into harpo's vacuum, i mean mind. btw, her last name is ester.
"Judge Murray Wilcox ruled the Noongar people, against the odds, had maintained their culture and customs since European settlement in 1829 and had native title over the land.

The ruling means Noongar people can now exercise rights, such as hunting and fishing, over land where native title has not been extinguished by subsequent owners."
Howard and I am sorry to say the Labour Opposition have been dancing a merry scare campaign after this rare win. Never before have so many backyards been threatened even though the ruling has no relevance to those that own the freehold. The Judge has now retired and has stated that he now wants to help save the world from Global Warming. Seems like a nice guy!
austin, great , i was hoping you'd pop in and comment about oz. hope the movement continues and the noongar and others gain more and more rights....such as that IT IS ALL THEIR LAND and they are sovereign.
Like you say it's a start. Canada has a long way to go and we're not going to get there under Harper. The opposition should be calling them on this, why the laxness over Six Nations? Maybe the Cons should be wearing their robes in house.
anon, ah, if only people knew what the cons wear aat night.
Bush and Harper(I think)... as Klansmen.
Where the fuck does one summon the creative genius to come up with that anyway?
Amazingly hilarious!!!
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